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Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries is the force behind globally-acclaimed brands such as Decowood, Mikasa, NewMika, Greenlam Clads, Greenlam Sturdo and the top laminate brand in india - Greenlam. A powerhouse in providing high-quality surface solutions that are designed to transform and beautify residential and commercial spaces, Greenlam Industries has an exhaustive portfolio of products which constantly features new and exclusive designs, styles and patterns. Manufactured in compliance with the highest quality benchmarks, our products cater to diverse requirements, promising unmatched value and appeal, no matter the application.

Our Brand Portfolio

Greenlam laminates and Compacts

Greenlam, a favorite among architects, interior designers and homeowners, sits among the top 3 laminates manufacturers of laminates in the world and for good reasons. The brand offers a huge selection of laminate types for different commercial and residential applications. Choose from more than 450 designs and variety of exclusive textures for all your surfacing requirements.

The collection includes:

HPL Door AFX Unicore
HD Gloss Countertops Infinia Countertop VRB
Digital/Custom Chalk Grade Marker Grade Fire Retardant
ESD Laminates Lab Guardian Standard Compacts Exterior Grade Cladding
Interior Grade Cladding Digital/Custom Compact Unicore Compact Sandwich Compact
Stratus Collection Cubicles & Locker Solutions Veneer Laminates  

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NewMika Laminates

If style is an important aspect in crafting your decor, NewMika Laminates are made for you. Embodying progressive designs, patterns and textures, the laminates exude top-shelf craftsmanship while reflecting elegance at its finest. A large collection of over 350 decors in various patterns and textures to find the best laminates for your office and home surfaces. The choices include:

Laminates Full Range of Laminates Exterior Panels Exterior Panel Products
Laminate Surface Textures

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Decowood Premium Veneers

Decowood Veneers, India’s leading real wood veneer brand, features a huge selection of high quality veneers made from an array of exotic wood species sourced from around the world. The wood veneers come in an extensive spectrum of shades, finishes and textures to suit diverse decor and styling needs. The choices include:

Natural wood Veneers Teak wood Veneers Engineered wood Veneers Special

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Mikasa Doors and Frames

Mikasa Doors and Frames marks a significant departure from the traditional approach to manufacturing and installing doors and frames. The doors are pre-matched with the frame during manufacturing, which helps forego site fabrication and the associated disadvantages. You can count on better quality, life and overall aesthetics. The product range includes:

Non-Fire-Rated Doorsets Fire-Rated Doorsets Speciality Doorsets Dura Doors Collection Healthcare Doors Mikasa X RKDS Doors Collection

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Mikasa Real Wood Floors

Mikasa brings you India's first collection of real wooden flooring crafted from the most exotic species of wood from around the world, to accentuate every space. With a product range of over 100 unique offerings, we promise you endless choices to design and style your floors. All our products are engineered to perfection in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant using latest European technology, making our products durable and long-lasting. Every Mikasa floor is built using 3-layer construction and revolutionary PlankLOCTM technology for unmatched stability and solidity. With a 30-year warranty, you get floors that last for years to come. Our ethical wood-sourcing techniques have minimal impact on the environment, ensuring that you take home a product with a clear conscience.

You can choose from collections that include:

Mikasa Pristine wooden flooring (15mm) Mikasa Atmos wooden flooring (10mm)

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Sturdo Restroom/Toilet Cubicles and Locker Solutions

Greenlam Sturdo brings you world-class restroom/toilet cubicles and locker solutions for commercial and public spaces. The brand comprises a wide selection of aesthetically-gifted and ADA compliant products that are made to endure even the most demanding conditions. Choose from a wide array of pre-designed and custom models with a wide variety of decors and textures. The product portfolio includes:

Restroom/Toilet Cubicles Locker Systems Restroom Accessories

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Greenlam Clads

Greenlam Clads gives you a premium collection of clads for interior and exterior applications. Our exterior cladding can go a long way in transforming and protecting the exteriors of commercial and residential properties. Our interior cladding is made from high pressure compact laminates to give you bold and beautiful options for your wall cladding, wall skirting, indoor furniture and ceiling. Choose from a wide range of Exterior & Interior decors that promise to add distinct style and aesthetic beauty to balconies, attics, facades and other spaces.

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MikasaPly is your destination for a range of high-quality plywood. No nonsense when it comes to premium plywood; at MikasaPly we have perfected the art of plywood making to promise durability and style. Explore an exciting range of user-friendly commercial-grade plywood, our feature-rich plywood products are engineered to excel indoors, outdoors, and even in the harshest of natural conditions. Whether you are planning commercial, residential, or industrial projects, your project deserves a rock-solid foundation and MikasaPly delivers.

Our catalogue of products includes:

Sapphire Marine Blue Marine MR+ Fire Guardian

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Let's Talk Surfacing Solutions!

If you are looking for premium grade surfacing solutions to beautify residential or commercial spaces, Greenlam has got you covered. Our extensive product portfolio has everything you may need to manifest your creative genius and make the exteriors and interiors of your property, true works of art. To discuss your requirements, simply call 1800 833 0004 or +91 11 4279 1399 or write to us at info@greenlamindustries.com. You can also fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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