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3 Tips to Choose Decorative Laminates for Your Interior Project

Decorative laminates can transform furniture items and the overall decor of residential and commercial spaces. There are a lot of options to choose which can easily result in confusion. Greenlam Industries offers premium quality decorative laminates that are widely used in a range of applications. When planning to embark on an interior project such as refurbishing furniture items, it is important to know how to go about making the right choice from the available options. Let’s take a look at 3 useful tips to help you choose the best decorative laminate for your interior project.

1. Based on Usage

Choice of designer laminates can be done on the basis of how and where you plan to use them. For example, you can’t use a high gloss or laminate decor with deep grain texture in the kitchen as they will show every fingerprint and stain. On the other hand, matte laminates in darker shades are appropriate for the application as they are easy to clean and do not readily show stains. Light colored laminates can be used for areas that experience less traffic.

2. Based on Budget

Laminates present a vast range of options in terms of cost as well and give your spaces the desired look and feel at a very affordable cost as compared to real wood and marble. High-gloss laminates are costlier than matte finish laminate and the cost of laminates also may differ according to the desired properties and quality. For example, laminates used in kitchens need to have fire retardant property as we work with fire for cooking in the kitchen. This can increase the cost of laminates, which is why you need to make your selection accordingly.

3. Based on Interior Décor Theme

Available in so many textures, laminate sheets offer huge scope for experimenting with your designs. High gloss laminates can go well with contemporary themes while traditional patterns can go well with the abstract décor themes. You can also mix and match different patterns with solid colors to get a two-toned effect. Choose colors and finish keeping in mind that light colors tend to open up compact spaces while dark shades bring a comfortable and warm feel.

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Wrap Up

Decorative laminates can give your spaces an exotic look without leaving a hole in your wallet. If you are looking for decorative laminates for your decor project, look no further than Greenlam Industries. We offer a wide range of designer laminate sheets in a variety of textures from which to choose. If you have any questions about laminates or would like to discuss your requirements, call +91-11-4279-1399 or email info@greenlam.com, and we’ll take it from there.

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