5 Wood Flooring Finishes Available at Greenlam Industries

Wood Flooring Finishes with Greenlam Industries

A finish is a layer that is applied over wooden floors to protect it against everyday wear and tear. It determines the visual appeal of the room, durability and comfort. Greenlam’s engineered floors are easy to maintain and long-lasting. They help achieve an urban, premium look at affordable costs. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present a list of five wooden floorings finishes available from Greenlam Industries. Read on.

1. Satin Lacquer

If you’re looking for an elegant finish, Satin Lacquer could be your best choice. It adds flair to the interiors and is easy to maintain. The lustrous finish makes floors appealing and pleasant to walk on. The smoothness prevents scratches while the glossy surface offers protection against stains. Satin Lacquer finish gives a rich appeal to engineered wooden flooring.

2. Matte Lacquer

Matte lacquer is a classic choice for those who are aiming at a quaint look. It’s easy to maintain and original in style. The texture is relatively less smooth and durable. Matte lacquer personifies sophistication and looks tasteful. It is used in both residential and commercial spaces.

3. Brushed

A brushed lacquer finish allows several coats and amplifies the texture of the wooden flooring. It dries quickly and is resistant to water and alcohol. It is also convenient to use as it can be easily recoated and repaired. Other treatments, along with Mechanical brushing like bevelled- edge and coloured stain, help you take the aesthetics and utility up a notch.

4. Smoked

Smoked Lacquer is a bespoke finish for those looking to add character to residential or commercial spaces. The look is unique and customizable – smoke is infused into each plank of wood, making it truly one of a kind. It is often associated with creativity and has an established niche in the market. Those who desire an artistic look usually prefer a smoked finish for their flooring.

5. Stained

If you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated, a stained finish is perfect for your flooring. A subtle layer is added to natural wood without taking away from its charm. You can choose from a variety of colours to suit your requirements. Stained Lacquer is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces. Overall, the finish gives an elegant and modern appeal.

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Wrap Up

Greenlam Industries’ Mikasa real wood floors offer superlative quality and hassle-free installation. The right finish is of utmost importance to define the desired look and overall appeal. Mikasa wooden flooring is available in a range of finish options. If you’re looking to upgrade your spaces, browse through our catalogue to choose from available options. You can also discuss with one of our product experts to get help with your requirements. Call our toll-free number 1800-833-0004 or write to us at info@greenlamindustries.com.

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