A Quick Guide to High Gloss Laminates

An Express Overview of High Gloss Laminates


Modern-day surfacing requirements demand a material that perfectly blends aesthetics, versatility, and durability for both residential and commercial applications. In this quest, high-gloss laminates have emerged as a promising option for architects and interior designers. If you are considering high gloss laminate sheets for cabinets, wardrobes, or other applications, this article will help you understand high gloss laminates to make an informed decision. Read on as we present a quick guide on high gloss laminates.


Reasons to Use High Gloss Laminates


Whether it’s a residential renovation project or designing a restaurant from scratch, choosing high gloss laminate sheets for cabinets, countertops, or furniture is an excellent way to balance utility and longevity. High gloss laminate sheets come with a range of attributes that set them apart from other laminate divisions. These include:


Aesthetic Appeal


Gloss laminate sheets, as the name suggests, are highly reflective and vibrant, offering an unrivalled glossy finish to surfaces. This helps interior designers make small spaces appear spacious. With several visually appealing colours and designs available, Greenlam’s exquisite collection of high gloss laminate sheets for cabinets and other applications is designed to enhance the aesthetics of your interiors in both commercial and residential spaces.


Antibacterial Properties


Spaces with frequent exposure to high traffic can become breeding grounds for opportunistic bacteria. While porous surfaces such as granite and marble trap dust, moisture, and minute food particles, a Gloss laminate comes with antibacterial properties to ensure that your kitchens, café countertops, and hospital furniture stay hygienic.


Minimal Upkeep


Contrary to the common perception that high gloss laminates require high maintenance, Greenlam’s vast collection of premium high gloss laminate sheets require minimal upkeep. A regular dry (or damp) wipe with a microfiber cloth is adequate to keep the sheen of the laminates intact.

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Easy Installation


Unlike traditional surfacing materials such as marble and granite, high gloss laminate sheets are easy to install and don’t require special tools, saving time, cost, and effort. HD laminate sheets can be installed as a do-it-yourself project by simply following the installation manual.


Designs to choose from


Greenlam’s premium high gloss laminate collection is carefully designed to meet your evolving requirements that are aesthetically alluring and stand the test of time. Some of the best picks are:


Mysore Ivory Mustard Wool Terracotta Beige Oatmeal
Barbie Pink Chocolate Silver Grey Electric Blue Emerald Dark Grey
Bright Green Red Dynasty Noir Current American Walnut Cherry Sata Sapele
Sumatra Teak Makassar Wood Louisiana Oak Southern Oak Nordic Walnut Malay Teak
Turquoise Teak Austin Walnut Texas Rodeo Black Forest Horizontal Ebony Horizontal Santos
Samara Oak White Creme Marquina Grey Marquina Maroon Divine Yellow


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