All You Need to Know about Designer Laminates

Designer Laminates with Greenlam Industries

Designer laminates are a great choice when you wish to introduce custom designs and textures for that unique appeal to your decor. They are a staple in modern commercial and residential spaces and are available in an array of color and design options from which to choose according to your style and theme. Greenlam Industries opens up your world to some of the best surfacing solutions for designers and architects including options such as green color laminate shades. Let’s take a look at some of the notable things you need to know about designer laminates.

They Have a Wide Range of Applications

Designer laminates have myriad applications in residential and commercial spaces that feature a contemporary look and feel. They work well for both horizontal and vertical applications such as table tops, wardrobes, wall panelling, and a host of other creative applications that significantly transform the decor.

They are Highly Durable

Greenlam Industries range of decorative laminates are premium quality. They are the product of cutting-edge technology, the best manufacturing processes, and a wealth of experience. You can expect a number of desirable properties including scratch and impact resistance as well as easy maintenance. They can maintain their shine for a very long time, giving you real value for your money.

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You can Choose from a Wide Range of Options

Designer laminates are available in myriad color, style, texture, and finish options to meet every unique requirement and decor. The collection includes bespoke designs and solid colors including green laminate shades that introduce a touch of nature into your spaces. Browse through our designer laminates catalogue to discover the best pick for your decor project.

They Bring Out a Personalised Look

One of the biggest advantages that come with opting for designer laminates is that you can customize the design. Our range of Designer laminates covers everything from standard to metallics to textured options. You can choose from product categories that include HPL, HD Gloss, Reflection, Unicore, AFX, VRB, and Antistatic.

Wrap Up

Greenlam laminates are a top choice among interior designers and architects. Whether you wish to give new life to your residential or commercial space decor, you can never go wrong with designer laminates from Greenlam Industries. To get answers to all your questions or discuss your requirements, call +91 11-4950-1499 or email us at

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