Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Laminate Wood Flooring

Commonly Asked Questions about Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wooden floors, apart from their functionality, play a key role in defining the aesthetics of any interior space. It is inarguably one of the best options to choose among the various flooring materials such as real wood, marble, and granite. Laminate wooden floors add an elegant, warm, and rich feel to interior decor. When it comes to laminate wood flooring, choosing the right pick can be tedious given the many options on the market. Continue reading as we answer some of the commonly asked questions about laminate wood flooring.

What is laminate wood flooring?

Laminate wood floors are hybrid floors that are made by combining multiple layers, starting from a high-density particle wood board in the bottom, followed by a “photographic layer” allowing imprinting of high-resolution images, and a hard transparent layer that protects the sheen of the flooring. The particle board is composed of wood shavings and timber leftovers glued into wood pulp, followed by an intensive process of mixing and pressure under high temperatures. Contrary to misconceptions in some quarters, laminate wood floors from manufacturers such as Greenlam do not consist of plastic layers.

How durable are laminate wood floors?

Laminate wood floors are exceptionally durable. As mentioned before, they feature a high-density core made with particle wood board and a hard transparent top layer. This composition makes the flooring long-lasting and ideal for spaces that experience high volumes of traffic in both residential and commercial settings. Laminate wood flooring can withstand stubborn food stains, chemical spills, and impact from utensils.

Are laminate floors better than other types of flooring?

When it comes to flooring materials, there are several choices such as real wood floors, engineered floors, ceramic floors, and marble floors. All these materials come with their respective benefits, however, when it comes to flooring materials that present a synergy of aesthetics, longevity, sustainability and affordability, laminate wood flooring is definitely one of the best.

How do I maintain laminate wood floors?

Generally, laminate wood floors require minimal upkeep as compared to other flooring materials such as real wood and marble. A basic cleaning protocol helps keep the shine of the floor intact. This includes:

  • Vacuuming or wiping the floor at least once a day to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • Mopping the floor weekly with warm water and a suitable cleaning solution for tough stains.
  • Using suitable cleaning chemicals that don’t damage the floor.
  • Handling furniture with care to prevent scratches.
  • Deploying mats/carpets in locations that experience high traffic.

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