Are you A homebody

Are you A homebody?

Definition of a homebody: A person whose life and interests are centered around the home-The Free Dictionary.

How do you know if you are a homebody?

1. You like to order in food instead of heading for crowded restaurants and fast food joints.

2. You look forward to the weekend so that you can relax at home.

3. You’re always home on time to catch your favorite show!

4. You cancel more plans of going out than you make them.

5. And once you enter that door there’s no way you’re leaving it!

Yes these are all signs that you love being at home. And if you love being home so much, your house has to offer every bit of comfort that helps you unwind from a long hectic day. Sometimes friends and relatives enjoy giving you the label of recluse or hermit, because they believe the world is a happening place, so what interests you at home? Understand that the preference of being a homebody is a choice that is perfectly valid; keeping pace of this fast paced world is not meant for everyone. Some people prefer being with family, some like the quiet world of books and yet others favor their televisions and cell phones as companions.

So what should the home of a homebody look like?

A comfortable and cosseted shelter. Where a person can bask the cozy warmth and undemanding embrace the home offers, after all it’s our refuge in this fast paced life. It’s a place you can be yourself, and just relax and rejuvenate. Here are some simple inexpensive tips to bring in that extra cozy look:

1. Make the entry hall way green: Having indoor plants or bonsai trees bring in the green patch. Plants should be in the entry hall way . They set in a very appealing tone the moment you are inside the house. It welcomes you right in.



2. Create a nook: Try pushing a sofa or divan to the wall and put lots of cushions. It will give you a warm feeling and will want to make you curl up with a book. Perfect time to catch up with your reading, your favorite romance or mystery book!



3. Treat for the eyes: Spice up one entire wall with family photos or photos of your happier younger times. Those were the days!! No responsibilities, only carefree fun.



4. Try coloring one wall w th textured brown or charcoal grey and balance it white or off white. Add scenic paintings and some soothing task lights. This corner will be the eye catcher for even your guests!



5. Throw Rugs: Rugs, carpets or big pillows of round shape are more inviting than square ones. Checkered prints and stripes should be less used as they add a more formal touch. And if the carpets or rugs are layered, even better. Going overboard with soft furnishings will always make the look attractive.



6. Make the wall space lesser: A curtain that covers the entire wall in the bedroom, preferably the wall behind the bed or any other full wall can work wonderfully to make the room look ultimately cozy. Soft fabrics have that special effect on us!



7. Whiff the air with good scent: Add those scented candles to your house that will make you float in good smell!



8. Bring in Uniqueness: Add a unique piece of furniture in the bedroom or living room that speaks about your personality!



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