Bohemian Home Decor

What is your Style Statement: Bohemian or minimalist?

Bohemian home Decor:

1. Do Moroccan rugs and pillows beg to go home with you every time?

2. Do furniture pieces with ethnic vibes catch your eye?

3. Does bright tie and dye occupy a good amount of space in your home?

4. Does your house boast of more plants than furniture?

Bohemian is the name of your Interior design style then. Bohemian home decor breathes out the adventurous and carefree spirit of vibrant dynamic colours combined with creative rich lively patterns. The key feature is to purposefully present a carefree “messy” appearance. Layer upon layer of throws, rugs, pillows and accessories to enliven that warm sparkling ambience which brings alive the spirit of a nomadic wanderer.



Accessories hold a very special place in the Bohemian Chic lifestyle…Add that Aladdin look with lamps and lanterns! Current trends talk about south western, Moroccan and tribal inspired, nomadic looking designs. If you want to make your bedroom a Bohemian abode then keep your mattresses low the canopies should be high! Bohemians love bold and colourful patterned textiles and prints.



Bohemian Décor calls for an ‘out of the box thinking’ and does not adhere to any rules like the other styles. The bohemian interior design is ornamented and busy. There is never any empty spot in the bohemian home. Find any empty spaces in the house, and then just stack it with loads of pillows, paintings, sculptures or figures. Bohemian homes exuberate nomadic kind of vibes. The bohemian spaces are fully accessorised. The origin of the term ‘Bohemian’ dates back to 1800’s; referred more to people that lived the life style of wanderers. So if you have the feeling that you can’t be enslaved by rules and regulations, look at these fantastic bohemian designs and select your style statement!



Minimalist interior design

Inspired by the Japanese Zen Philosophy, Minimalist interior design gained popularity in the late 1980s in New York and London where interior designers worked to achieve minimalism and simplicity, using elements of white or cool light tones with blue task lighting. As opposed to Bohemian, Minimalist decor is not about accumulation of intricacies, it is about subtracting the layers! The idea was to have large indoor spaces with minimum furniture and objects. The minimalist concept of design is to achieve simplicity by stripping down everything to its fundamental basic quality. Minimalism wants to convey simple attitudes towards living and simplifying the interior to be more utilitarian.



Minimalism is in effect the art of living with less comfortably yet aesthetically. For people who live to shop, it can be difficult but with time the restraint has its own charm. Spaces can be made to look uncluttered and have a serene ambience. The objects have more breathing space! The effect of light can be created such as to highlight the sophistication of the furniture. A different arrangement of angles of simple yet sophisticated furniture pieces can spark warmth and interest in the surroundings. But remember the lesser furniture the better! Only house enough furniture of subdued and solid colour that promotes liveability and comfort. Natural light is a much preferred feature.

A minimalist house oozes elegance in the crisp planes and straight lines. Form and function combined with class is the key. Ample space allows lots of breathing room. Storage of things is always out of sight. Walls should use neutral muted colour tones with minimal art work and paintings. Surfaces should be streamlined and spare. Floors can be anything from concrete to hardwood in a single clean muted colour. Just add one rug with some colour to make it the focal point in your living space.

The design ideas are not entirely in ornate. The basic design elements are without much decoration in simplistic materials yet present a high sense of control and orderly quality.

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