Change is always Resistant

Trying to redecorate your home and facing resistance from family members? Especially the senior members in the house saying, “You can change whatever you want but don’t touch my chair”. Although that chair may be the sore point to your eyes and as much has to be taken away first, that chair holds a special place in the house because it is comfortable and gives a feeling of “my own”. It can be a great struggle to convince to move that chair, but only on the promise of replacing it with a much superior one.

A home is a solace both mentally and physically. After a long day of work, we need not just an environment that looks calm and serene aesthetically but more than that provides comfort to the body and mind. There is always that special chair or sofa that we are attached to where we just want to sink in first thing on return and relax. It’s difficult to relinquish the most favourite spot of seating.



So before you set to the task of buying dining room chairs, imperatively understand that the dining room is a focal meeting point of the family therefore style as well as comfort hold equal weightage. Hence we may say that it could be easy to assemble people around a dining room, but keeping them for long is a different story all together. The adhesive that will keep folks in one place for hours is ultimately the comfort that the furniture provides in a dining room. Comfort of the chair is as important as its looks. They should be appealing. Comfort is always relative to the individual feeling and hence cannot be quantified or defined. For instance the way the backrest of the chair is, or the width of the seat is, outlines some important aspects of comfort.


Furniture always takes up majority of the space in the house but that’s what gives you the lived in feeling, warm and inviting. Therefore selection of furniture for the drawing room and dining spaces should be restful yet classy. The important aspect is they should be timeless and befitting your budget and space. The best is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional which fits the uniqueness of your taste. Buy the furniture you love not just that matches your colour scheme.

In majority of the urban homes most likely the main area of seating in the house is in the living room so it’s vital to select practical and comforting furniture. The main articles may include sofas, sofa chairs, loveseats or divans. Recliners provide comfort to the elderly but with young children in the house, its practical to have leather, easier for cleaning than maintaining fabric.


Dining Room:

It’s important to have a designated space for dinner, whether it’s a small part of your living room or it’s a separate space in itself, dining rooms hold the family together. The Dining room can have a formal look but the dining chairs should be very comfortable. Uncomfortable dining chairs can be the biggest nightmare for the family. Be sure they are well cushioned and cosy cause they are going to be around for a while!


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