Common Wood Veneer Terms you Should Know

Wood Veneers the Best Option For Home Decor

Wood veneers are a premium surface solution that is endowed with a timeless appeal and environmentally-friendly nature. There are many options from which to choose, including, natural and engineered wood veneers. Veneer sheets are widely preferred by designers and property owners, making them a staple in residential and commercial interior decor. While it is generally advisable to let professionals work on wood veneer installation and repair, many people with basic skills and the necessary tools opt for the DIY route. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the common veneer terms that you should know when working with the surface material. 


The substrate is the particle board, MDF, plywood, or some other material onto which the veneer sheet is glued. 

Backer veneer

The composition of veneers is such that there is a veneer sheet on one side of the substrate. Backing veneer refers to the veneer sheet (usually lower quality) that is glued to the non-visible side of the substrate. This helps with the expansion and contraction of the wood that comes with seasonal changes.


Sequencing refers to when veneers are cut in succession, allowing them to be placed in symmetrical patterns. This approach, just like the use of engineered wood veneers, is preferred when looking to cover large surfaces. 


The term glue, when used in reference to veneers, doesn’t refer to just any type of glue. The best glue for veneers is Tite Bond 2, or 3, or a Cold Press Glue.

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Chatter Marks

Chatter Marks refers to the difference in the sheet thickness caused by vibrations of the wood log on the slicing machine during cutting. 


Delamination is the separation of a veneer sheet due to failure of the glue. 


Heartwood is the center of a tree that is nonactive and characterized by a darker colour than the outer portion. 

Joint, Open

Joint, Open means a joint in which successive veneer sheets do not properly fit together. 

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