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So what is “Contemporary Design”?

By definition Contemporary means occurring “existing, or living at the same time or belonging to the same time.” – Wikipedia.

And when we use this term in interior design, we simply mean a style that is popular right now. Contemporary interior design can be very diverse for raison d’être, that it is forever shifting styles with borrowed elements from different periods. In ten years from now, “contemporary” will be something else.


Technically speaking, contemporary design is embedded in the current moment, as in the here and now. However in the macro sense, it depicts an about-face from the conventional and traditional design. Contemporary interiors are cosy, comfortable and inviting without being cluttered and dim, and are a style that is equally appropriate for commercial spaces as well as residential homes.

One of the most important elements of contemporary
interiors is the ideal usage of line and form. Line can be seen in the high ceilings, through the use of bold coloured blocks, furniture that is “square” and edged, wooden floors that have linear designs, large windows and geometric shapes depicted in the wall art or sculptures in the house.

The open to elements space on walls can be decorated with
lined wooden panels between pieces of furniture. Each piece of furniture in contemporary design stands out as unique and a true form of geometric shapes. The upholstered furniture is usually in dark colours, white, or other neutral tones. These pieces should bespeak simplicity and a sense of distinctiveness.

Beds, sofas and chairs usually have exposed legs having no
lacy trims or tassels. Therefore we can say, with contemporary interiors, less is more. Go bold, go basic, and let it stand out with its distinctive furniture.
The orientation of Contemporary style strongly bends towards the vertical-horizontal-axis, be it architecture or the indoor designs. Thus, a contemporary home might exuberate odd unique shapes, bold jaunty lines, large windows, open energetic plans and synchronization with the surrounding backdrop.

Of course that does not mean everything in the house should have squares, rectangles and corners. Balance the look with a few arcs and waves; but remember to stay true to the simple geometric forms, and that’s the key.

A lot of natural elements can be used in the finishes such as cedar, mahogany, fir or stone. The finishing details and in- ornate furniture use geometric shapes and tidy lines. Key values that are significant in a contemporary home are comfort and sustainability.

OK, let’s do a recap, Contemporary interior design style and its main features are.

1. Refers to the trendy in style look.



2. Two essentials of good design:-line and form- give contemporary style its vivacious energy.



3. Unique and Bespoke furniture.



4. Basic but bold.



5. Stay true to geometric shapes.



6. Minimal accessories in lieu of huge collections

7. Ornamentation kept aside for smooth profiles

8. Solid or subtly patterned fabrics preferred over colourful big prints.

9. These rooms are designed with plentiful open space and natural light in mind, which breathes out the airy and expansive feel.

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