Creating a sense of space in small homes

Keeping up pace with the advanced times, many a times selection of living in a small house is done by the city we live in, whether it is the budget constraint or the outcome of a highly hectic working schedule which goes against maintaining a big house. Nevertheless small homes can be a cosy retreat after an exhaustive day at work. Here are some devices to create an illusion of space to that tiny home.

1. Using of light coloured laminates on furniture or lighter coloured sofas is a good idea. Check out the latest range of new laminates from Greenlam, amazing range to choose from. Dark colours tend to absorb the light; but light colours reflect back creating an illusion of space, they will make the rooms look bigger. Paint on the walls could also be light yellow or lime green, and of course the floor tiles or carpets should also be complimentary.

2. Soft furnishings should avoid heavily patterned or wild upholstery and bedspreads. Muted shades would go well.



3. A nice big mirror on the largest wall, or an entire wall of mosaic mirrors create the best illusion of space, not to mention add a touch of artistry if outlined with intricate carved frames. Wardrobes or big cabinets can also hold full size mirrors.



4. Instead of normal wooden table tops, glass tabletops are more exciting in small homes.

5. If there is an existent wooden tabletop or workbench, turn it into a folding one that goes up against the wall. With the availability of smooth hinges in the market, it would just be a quick workman skill.

6. Sofa-cum-beds and other furniture that can be quickly compacted and folded is a trouble-free solution.

7. Regular doors that swing open occupy more space, they can be replaced with sliding doors and the wall adjacent can easily hold an extra horizontal shelf.

8. Consider each and every wall to be a potential spot for shelving. Extra shelving can be attached to almost every vertical surface, even high up above the windows. Never underestimate the storage space required. Usually while planning we assume one closet for clothes, (per person) and one for the linen will suffice. Add cabinets to the kitchen and life is smooth. But bear in mind, at least one entire wall of various closets, cabinets, and drawers will be required. Cabinets and drawers are a lot more expensive to construct than simple open space, but they will present the neat look in the long run.

9. Some extra habits of neatness will have to be cultivated. For instance as soon as you’re done with something, put it away outright. If time crunch doesn’t permit, then vacate one drawer for transitional stash where you keep it temporarily until you sort, punch, file or dispose it.

10. Open shelves can be a good substitute for cabinets and drawers for those budget-minded people, but having all your stuff out in the open can be a terrible dust-collector, and of course having to keep looking at the heaps of stuff all the time. Instead some bright coloured small print or chequered curtains to cover the open space can save you the cleaning of tons of dust, and be easy on your eyes every day.

11. A clear uncluttered kitchen counter-top is the key towards small-space sanity. Stash away the small appliances of everyday need inside the cabinets. One of the foremost rules given by Feng Shui is: Don’t try to own a lot of things, if you can do without it, then do without it.

12. If you’re customising your kitchen cabinets, a clever plan demands to extend them all the way till the ceiling. You may have to use a step-ladder to access the top shelves, but they will house all the extra stuff you cannot throw, but seldom use.(especially all those files and old records)

13. Electronics sitting out in the open on the table tops occupy a lot of visual space. They’re not exactly pretty to look at and tend to stare in your face from every angle of the room. Get those wall cabinets to tuck them in and you’ll be happier to live with them.



14. Lower down those windows to be larger French windows and you will make the entire outdoors to be a part of your tiny apartment. Be sure to let in lots of light using big windows or skylights if you occupy the topmost floor. After all, the best light comes from your large windows and skylights. Light determines exactly how people feel when they are spending time in any given interior space. It is light that inspires warmth and comfort; or give the room a cold feel even in the worst of summers.



People usually carry the opinion that living in small spaces can be confined and cramped. That will be true if the space is designed poorly, but with little designing tricks and clever budgeting you can have a nice life while saving a bundle.

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