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Designing a Public Restroom

Ask any expert interior designer and they would probably concur that designing a public restroom is not as easy as it seems. As a person who is responsible for creating a great design, it is also your responsibility to ensure the restroom functions well and does not need too frequent maintenance and repairs. To achieve a superior level of durability, you will need premium quality restroom cubicles and locker solutions, which is exactly what’s promised by Greenlam Industries. If you are designing a public restroom, this blog will help you realize your design in the perfect way. Read on.

Restrooms in Commercial Establishments

Most commercial establishments, especially the ones serving food, need to have public restrooms. Whether you are designing a restroom for a restaurant or a hotel, you need to consider it as a public restroom and design accordingly. Even if the restroom is not accessible to everyone, you still need to factor in the fact that any type and number of individuals might be visiting the establishment, and create the design accordingly.

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Maintenance Requirements

Due to heavy footfall, public restrooms require regular maintenance and cleaning. When designing and choosing the construction material, you can help reduce the overall maintenance costs by using wear and abrasion resistant restroom cubicles from Greenlam Industries, which are manufactured with anti-bacterial compact laminates.

Provision for Specially-Abled

A restroom design should include provisions for specially-abled, including a separate stall that can accommodate a wheelchair, sinks that they can access while sitting in a wheelchair, and a motion-activated hand dryer not protruding much from the wall. It is also important to ensure that the accessories used in the construction of the restroom are manufactured in compliance with ADA guidelines. All restroom accessories offered by Greenlam Industries are compliant with accepted fire safety norms and ADA guidelines.

Wrap Up

Now that you are privy to important information about designing a public restroom while adhering to compliances, all that’s left to do is choosing the right options from a wide range of high-quality restroom cubicles and lockers solutions in the market. Engineered to perform in heavy traffic areas, the restroom partitions and dividers offered by Greenlam Industries are manufactured to endure heavy usage, and comes with anti-bacterial compact laminates. If you wish to learn more about any of our products, fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279-1399.

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