Engineered or Laminated Wooden Floor: Understanding the Key Differences

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Wooden flooring can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any decor, be it residential or commercial. However, not everyone can afford real hardwood flooring. Laminate and engineered wood flooring, two of the most widely used types of wooden flooring, are among the top choices for interior designers, architects, and homeowners. The question of “which one is better” is still prevalent. Continue reading as we present a quick comparison between engineered and laminated wooden floors.


Wooden flooring is all about providing the natural feel of real hardwood. Over the years, laminate wood flooring has improved in its ability to mimic real hardwood. However, it is safe to say that engineered wooden flooring feels “as real as hardwood”. Engineered wooden flooring is made from multiple layers of hardwood, which is why they offer a richer and more natural look than their laminate counterparts, especially when observed closely.


Warping and cracking are some of the leading concerns associated with wooden floorings, and their primary cause is low water and heat resistance. While laminate wood flooring comes with a water-resistant “resin-soaked” top surfacing layer, it is still vulnerable to the aforementioned issues as moisture can seep through the cracks in the top layer and reach the fibreboard core. On the other hand, engineered wooden floors, despite being expected to be more prone to moisture-based warping, have a top waterproof surface finish that prevents moisture from reaching the underlying layers. Both these types of wooden flooring are great for any application except for areas that are damp and humid.


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Durability & Maintenance

Flooring isn’t and shouldn’t (ideally) be replaced frequently, which is why it is vital to choose the right type of wooden flooring. Owing to the resins with which HPL sheets are treated, laminated floors are easier to clean. However, once damaged, they need to be replaced. One of the best aspects of engineered wooden floors is that they can be sanded and re-finished, depending on the thickness, twice or thrice.

Ease of Installation

Laminate floors are renowned for their ease of installation, especially as a DIY project. The PlankLoc Technology allies successive planks to seamlessly lock to each other without the need for glue or nails. Apart from being easier to install than real hardwood floors, engineered wooden floors are also easy to repair as you can easily remove and replace damaged planks.

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