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Factory Matched Doors and Frames: No More Installation Hassles

There are distinct advantages to choosing engineered wood doors for your home or workplace, with durability and stability at the top of the list. An engineered door distributes the weight more evenly during use, thanks to the layered design. Add to this the benefit of improved thermal insulation compared to classic solid doors, and you have sufficient reason to look closely at engineered doors. The only concern that is left is ensuring seamless match between doors and frames, which ceases to exist when you go for factory-matched engineered doors and frames from Mikasa Doors & Frames, a brand from Greenlam Industries.

Great Combination

Choosing a door-and-frame combination is a wise option, simply because it is a complete package. Consider it a self-contained unit that can be placed into a prepared “rough” doorway. Of course, you’ll need to have the door knob, strike plate, and finish trim supplied to complete the project. But, a lot of the carpentry work is already done, which is why builders and property owners often choose the pre-hung combination for new builds.

If you’re replacing doors in an older structure, you may be dealing with a warped frame or a damaged opening. You might want to consider a bit of demolition, taking the opening down to rough status and preparing it for your door-and-frame combination. It’s the perfect setting for laminated doors.

Exterior Walls

Using pre-hung doors with the frame as a unit is a smart choice for exterior walls, primarily because the preliminary construction makes them more weather-tight from the beginning. The process is easier, for that reason, though you will be working with a heavier unit. If you have a strong friend or employee who can help with placement, this is a good choice for the do-it-yourself renovator as well.

With all these benefits in mind, you should still be prepared to use some “shims” to get the door properly positioned and to fit the unit into the doorway snugly. But, once you’ve accomplished this you can move on to finishing the surrounding areas, including drywall, wall paint, trim color etc. Using engineered doors, especially as a unit with the frame, is a real option for both interior and exterior projects.


You’ve just read a brief description of the benefits of engineered doors and frames, a good idea for residential use, office settings, and many other business locations. Selecting the right provider for these quality products is just as important as deciding which type of door you’ll use. Make sure you select a company such as Greenlam Industries so you get high-quality doors and matching frames – a finished unit – an improvement over classic carpentry methods. If you wish to learn more about any of our products, fill out our contact form or call +91 11-4279-1399.

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