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I Love The English Kitchen Look

The Georgians of the Early Centuries took inspiration from the architecture of the arenas of Europe. The grandeur bringing out the elements of elegance, grace and poise to the interior spaces of their homes was what made all the difference.

A glance at the British Monarchical history will tell us that th ere were four consecutive King George: George I, George II, George III, and George IV. Georgian styles refer to architecture and designs that were trendy during their reigns. (The period from 1714 to 1830)

The Classical Greek and Roman architecture had a great influence over the English architecture and they were fascinated with the principles of geometry and proportion which formed the strong base for symmetry in the home decors.

Keeping the symmetry and balance in proportions set the En glish homes and kitchens a class apart. They always retained the classical principles of space and light. Tall ceilings, huge square kitchens and ample light reinforced the deep sen se of symmetry and harmony.

The colour scheming always depicted one single light colour for the cabinets and walls in matt finish. The Georgian palettes favoured sky blue, the lightest shade of greens, but most of the times shades of white and off white were favoured. If typical wooden veneer colours were used on cabinets, then they would always have the original veins of wood showing boldly.



Here are a few quick tips to bring in the English look without changing the whole kitchen:

1. Paint the walls with very light matt finish, muted colours like light green, light beige or cream. Change the laminates on the kitchen cabinets with similar tones of light colours.



2. English kitchens had fireplaces; a similar treatment can be given to any one wall with tiles that give the brick effect.



3. Breakfast tables were always present in every kitchen because of the extra space they offered; a folding breakfast table with a light colour laminate can be made to achieve that look.

4. Hardware on the cabinets may seem insignificant, but if c hanged to solid wood, brass or copper can change the appearance completely of the kitchen.



5. Treat the windows with solid coloured or striped thick curtains. Heavy curtains were a very essential part of the English look.

6. Hang down task lighting that add element to the kitchen space.

7. Get floored: Add wooden floor tiles, or change the floor colour to a lighter ceramic or simply throw a rug to cover the dark flooring.

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