Interior Grade Cladding: A Perfect Surfacing Solution for Commercial Spaces

Interior Grade Cladding With Greenlam Industries

Characterized by exceptional elegance, easy maintenance and long lifespan, interior grade cladding are ideal for commercial spaces. That is the reason why an increasing number of commercial property owners and builders are turning to interior grade cladding to leave a great first impression. But that is not where the benefits end. Interior cladding promises a number of other benefits too, such as cost-effectiveness, moisture and impact resistance. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present the benefits of installing interior grade cladding in commercial spaces. Have a look.

Resistance Properties

Besides being resistant to impact, interior wall cladding are also quite resistant to scratches, moisture and even microbial threats. That partially explains their prominent usage in public places, healthcare facilities, airports, educational institutions, commercial spaces, and other similar establishments.


Commercial spaces are designed and made to endure heavy usage. Durability, therefore, is one of the key factors when selecting building materials. Besides being exceptionally durable, interior cladding is also quite easy to maintain, which makes them a long-term investment. They can easily withstand a demanding work environment for extended periods.

Smoother Surface

Natural wood may offer a raw feel that is preferred by some, but cladding gives a more refined and smoother surface. The reason why cladding offer a smoother surface is that they are made up of resins and papers. While there might be some color discrepancies with natural wood, cladding have a consistent color and pattern throughout the panels.

Variety of Colors

Whether you want to create a natural appeal in the interiors of your property or would like to go for an exotic colour to add an artistic flair, you cannot go wrong with interior grade cladding. As wall cladding are available in a wide range of options, it should not take you long to find the one that suits your design inspiration.


Unlike solid wood and other interior furnishing options, interior glade cladding don’t require you to break the bank. In fact, besides entailing lower installation costs than most of the alternatives, wall cladding also do not demand much in terms of maintenance. That helps keep the maintenance cost to the bare minimum.

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Wrap Up

These are some of the key benefits of interior grade cladding, which make them worthy of a place in your project. Claddings go a long way in protecting structures from the damaging effects of the weather and other natural elements. Browse through our interior grade compact laminate collection to find the one that meets your needs and brings out the desired style. To discuss your requirement or learn more about any of our products, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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