Laminate Sheets Manufacturing Process: From Start to Finish

Know the process of Manufacturing Laminate Sheets: From Start to Finish

Laminates are a widely used surfacing material in both residential and commercial spaces. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of surfaces on which they are installed, be it walls or furniture, and add strength and protection to your property. Today, laminates are available in a wide range of design options, but few people have knowledge about their manufacturing process. Today, we will discuss the complete manufacturing process of laminate sheets, from start to finish. Let’s begin!


Raw materials


Laminates are generally made of paper that is treated with chemical resins to enhance its strength and stiffness. The main materials used when manufacturing all types of laminates, including kitchen laminates, are:


1. Brown paper (also known as Kraft paper)

2. Phenolic resins (made from phenol)

3. Decorative Printed Paper

4. Melamine resin

5. Tissue paper (the topmost overlay of the laminated sheet)


Now that we know the materials required to produce laminate sheets, let’s take a look at the manufacturing process.


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Five-step manufacturing process in a nutshell


The following is a five-step manufacturing process for laminates:

Impregnating the Kraft paper: In this step, the paper is drenched in resin containing phenol. This makes the paper brittle and stiff.

Drying: The paper now undergoes a drying process, where hot air is used to dry the resin in a matter of seconds. Once the resin dries, a cutter is used to slice the paper into sheets.

Stacking: Next, the Kraft paper is placed under a decorative layer. A textured plate is laid on top of each decorative layer to prevent the finished laminates from getting stuck with each other.

Thermosetting: Next, the sheets go through a press where they are subjected to intense heat and pressure, which helps to compress the multiple layers.

Finishing touch: In this stage, excess paper on the edges of the sheets is trimmed.


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