Laminate Sheets Or Wood Veneers: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Comparison of laminate and wood veneers with Greenlam Industries

Homeowners are on a constant lookout for the best interior design materials to upgrade their living spaces. Most homeowners look for a balance between beauty, quality, durability, and pricing. Materials that are commonly used to upgrade the aesthetic factor of interior decor are decorative sheets or panels. Given the wide variety of available design options, some struggle to figure out the type of laminate design that is best for their decor and style. Wood Veneers and Laminates from Greenlam industries are some of the best in the world and feature countless options to meet every need. In this post, we’ll compare the best qualities of the two surfacing options to help you choose.


Laminates and veneers can deliver similar aesthetics but their composition is very different. Laminates are not a naturally occurring material. They are produced by bonding a base of plywood and MDF with decorative and kraft papers impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins.

Laminates from Greenlam Industries are great for those that prioritize design variety. Unlike wood veneers, which are mostly available in naturally occurring designs, laminates are available in endless colors and patterns that can easily adapt to your decor style. Laminates are also known for being easier to maintain and having a high resistance to water and scratching. They are also easy to clean, less susceptible to stains, and more affordable than wood veneers, which makes them a great option for those working with a tight budget.


Veneer sheets are thinly sliced sheets of wood. Different types of wood in different shades can be used to provide different looks to your home. While wood veneers are a natural material that is mostly found in naturally occurring shades of wood, Greenlam Industries also offers engineered veneers that are manufactured using a patented process. Veneers are the ideal surfacing solution if you wish to provide a touch of natural beauty to your spaces, while laminate sheets work for those in need of vibrant colors or abstract patterns. Unlike laminates, which are mass-produced, veneer sheets are made from different tree logs, giving them unique grain patterns and color tones. If you are looking to add an elegant touch to a bedroom or common area, veneers are a great option. Just keep in mind that they require polishing on an occasional basis.

Bottom Line

Whether the best material for your home decor is laminates or wood veneer sheets will depend on your needs, preferences, and decor. Most people prefer using laminates on heavy wear surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, and wardrobes due to their high resistance while using veneers to highlight the beauty of certain areas and rooms, such as living rooms which serve as focal points. Our team at Greenlam Industries can help you decide on the best decor material for your home. Call +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499. You can also write to us at for more information.

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