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Next five years of Interior Design Trends

There have been a lot of trends doing the rounds in the arena of interior design finishes. Let us take a detailed look into the moods & textures we think are going to crack it big in the coming years.


Man can never compete to what nature can yield. Wood and stone finishes are as classic as it gets and the look is here to stay. The trick is to stick with real with natural textures and keeping the finish of the grains and lines intact. They would ooze charm and yet keep things contemporary. Wood when combined with white colour tones it imparts softness, warmth and gives a sublime touch to the interiors. Stone on the other hand can give a cool sophisticated look depending upon the colour of the stone. You can step up the game with granular finishes to give your interiors an edgy look.

Clean Monotones

Who ever said “Keep it simple silly” struck the right cord. There is nothing more elegant than a room designed in clean monotones, and grey is the mighty king when it comes to monotones. It can be achieved through so many materials and looks stunning in all variants, be it be stone or concrete.

3d Drama

2D isn’t flat any more(hyperlink previous blog) with laminates being embossed, weaved or ever with textile finishes. Your walls would not be 2d anymore!

Artsy and Bohemian

If you are bored of the classic stone and wood and want a bohemian vibe to your interiors, textile finishes is the way to go. They would be your perfect signature style!

Geometrical Art

If you are a colour person and want to paint the town, we suggest you take a cue from the geometric art that is so much in vogue, be it fashion, art or interiors. You can have fixed furniture designed that way or if you want to make a bold statement, you can have your concept wall done up in that way.

The patterns look equally striking in monotones as well and you may also take the middle path and just give a splash of colour and keep the rest in basic.

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