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    4 Reasons to Use HP Laminates for Interior Surfacing

    High Pressure Laminates, also called HP laminates or HPL for short, offer a simple way to upgrade th..

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      Which Type of Laminate is Best for Your Restaurant Decor?

      Laminates are widely used in modern interiors, especially in commercial establishments such as resta..

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        Types of Compact Laminate and their Usage

        Compact laminate is a truly versatile surfacing solution that finds application in both residential ..

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          Designer Laminates: Transforming Modern Decor and How

          Whether you are designing a home or an office space, laminates represent an ideal surfacing solution..

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            Greenlam: Your Largest Source of Surface Finish Collection

            Greenlam industries, with a presence in over 100 countries, is a renowned brand in the surface déco..

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              What Makes Greenlam Cladding a Cut Above the Rest

              Interior and exterior wall cladding can go a long way in showcasing the taste and style of the prope..

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                Renovating a House? Here are the Veneers to Consider

                Whether you are planning to resell a property or wish to enhance the comfort or functionality it off..

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                  Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Fire Rated Doors

                  Fire rated doorsets are a necessity in various commercial and industrial facilities, to help prevent..

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                    Factory Matched Doors and Frames: No More Installation Hassles

                    There are distinct advantages to choosing engineered wood doors for your home or workplace, with dur..

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                      5 Reasons to Use Compact Laminate in Your Next Project

                      Compact laminate, a durable surfacing material that is widely used in both commercial and residentia..

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