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(The new nature inspired trends in Interior Surfacing)

With the growing Industry Supported and Corporate Lifestyle, many people have felt the stress of their environment. Global Warming, receding forest cover and factors like pollution have led the masses to wish for a frequent Adventure ‘outing’ in the wilderness. To walk in forests, sleep under stars, traverse around mountain-sides and to escape the routine is all one dreams of. This has also come into the home/work space decoration detail aspect for the decorators to use, so as to try and bring the same feeling to the space around an individual. A rise in trends towards decorating our interiors with a flair for the outdoors has been observed worldwide. Creative paintings on walls to using natural materials; every Bread-winner now wishes to be surrounded by nature.

In the words of Anthony Douglas Williams “A walk with mother nature nurtures the mind, body and soul.” This is now widely believed and as a result even the market for synthetically synthesised decorative products has realised this trend and producers have stepped up to the growing demands for natural ‘feel’ products.

In the past years, a wide variety of printed laminates catered to this demand and with the easy Installations they were widely appreciated. With this came the need to innovate and for inspired ideas to revolutionise the pre-existent decorative standards. The consumer wanted to feel at home and be closest to the natural experience. A way to be able to feel differently gave a rise to textured surface finishes. The feeling of walking bare-foot on rough ground or to touch the walls of our home and feel the stony surface of a hill was not easily achieved.

With advanced technology an ingenious way to make surfaces in one’s home look and feel natural which was also cost-efficient and had no cut-backs in terms of durability arrived to fulfill the needs of decorators. Textured laminates to cover the walls, ceilings, were introduced with qualities like those of anti-bacterial, stain and scratch proof, non-flammable and non-reactive to increase the efficiency. Using this, any person or employer could feel one with nature. The interior and exterior could now be decorated with natural looking product which would also feel the same. This trend picked up pace globally, giving rise to an entirely new market.

Many new product ranges were launched ever-so-frequently by large-scale décor solution providers to respond to the needs emerging from today’s ever evolving lifestyles so that the long, medium and short term changes in our environment could be easily accepted.

With an entire wood collection having options for horizontal panels, a decorator can now design his/her home with walls of mahogany, oak or pinewood like laminates which would also have the inherent woody characteristics. The stone collection offers an entirely different choice having superior surface finish that is beautiful to touch, so that it appeals to the ecologists and organics. More generally, anyone with a real conscience about consumerism or the need for a minimally decorated space for purists and intellectuals of all ages. With the consumer shift towards the general grey outlook, the novo smoked collection is being launched to supply the vastly desired smoky-greyish wall décor for the nature loving, casual yet stylish lifestyle.

These days even the flooring can be done with wood-like laminates and textures which are especially crafted to enhance the design of the wood-grain and by using natural wood patterns. The comfortable colors provide a natural look and textured feel.

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