Top 4 Wood Veneer Ideas to Create a Modern Home

Wood Veneer Ideas With Decowood Veneers

Exotic wood veneers are a popular choice for interior designers and architects who value the individuality of modern living and working spaces. Natural veneer sheets boast unique characteristics as every piece of wood has a unique pattern. This makes wood veneer sheets ideal for creating myriad premium decor styles. They have the power to liven up any space with their natural charm and can act as an overlay for surfaces that are the focal point of your modern home decor. Read on as we explore some simple ideas to use wood veneer sheets to create an attractive modern home.

1. Accessorize with Veneer Sheets

Wood veneer accents have the power to make any space more aesthetically pleasing. You can combine dark veneer sheets with a white table or a beige toned veneer sheet with a darker door to add dimension to the space. Using veneers in conjunction with other decorative elements such as glass, marble, and steel also gives a contemporary twist of contrast. Some other ways to use veneer sheets for interior decor include on light fixtures, art installations, or a custom-made staircases.

2. Dark Colors for Small Rooms

Shadows can be your best friend if you are trying to make a small room look bigger. When dark colored veneers are used in a small room, they camouflage its size to make it appear bigger. Using dark color veneer sheets is also a great way to highlight objects that are present in a room to create a lasting visual impact.

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3. Bold Furniture Pieces

The unique natural patterns of veneer sheets make them ideal for bold furniture pieces in the living room. They help bring out a touch of elegance and luxury feel. Any piece of furniture can instantly become a statement item when you surface it with veneer sheets. A veneered coffee or dining table looks inviting and doors lined with premium veneer sheets can help introduce bold statement furniture into your living spaces.

4. Custom Veneered Cabinets

A highly functional and trendy cabinet is essential for any modern home decor. Custom veneered cabinets have always been a party of luxury and exotic homes. Veneers allow you to create the ultimate in gorgeous cabinets and wardrobes that exude elegance.

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Wrap Up

Veneer sheets present the easiest way to create exotic and luxurious home interiors without being too expensive. Greenlam Industries offers a vast range of natural wood veneer designs to meet every application. To learn more about available veneer sheet designs and discuss your requirements, call +91-11-4279-1399 or +91-11-4950-1499. You can also email for more information.

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