Types of Compact Laminate and their Usage

Compact Laminate with Greenlam Industries

Compact laminate is a truly versatile surfacing solution that finds application in both residential and non-residential properties including airports, healthcare premises, educational institutions, railway stations, and more. Made from a sophisticated manufacturing process, compact laminate sheets are water resistant, durable, and have great value for money. Currently helmed as the market leader in cladding material and laminate supply, Greenlam is your number one destination for high quality interior and exterior grade compact laminate sheets. We are committed to producing laminate sheets that are environmentally friendly, moisture and abrasion resistant, anti-bacterial, and aesthetically appealing. Continuing on the subject, we present the two main categories of compact laminates and the unique features that make us stand apart in the niche of compact laminates.

Interior Grade Cladding

Interior grade cladding is tailor-made to serve your interior spaces by improving the aesthetics and providing protection against moisture, abrasion, and more. At Greenlam, you can find a wide range of interior grade compact laminate sheets that are manufactured with latest style and design sensibilities with a plethora of design options, making us one of the largest style chests in India. Our interior grade compact laminates come with special properties such as resistance to high impact, corrosion, moisture, fire, and microbial threats, making them suitable for interior applications in airports, educational institutions, metro stations, and several high-traffic commercial spaces. From the alluring solid grey colour to the royal walnut wooden shade, you can choose from a huge collection of patterns and textures without compromising on your vision of a perfect interior space.

Exterior Grade Cladding

Exterior grade cladding is a robust and heavy duty compact laminate that can handle the harshness of weather and contributes to the overall structural integrity of your property. Greenlam, Asia’s market leader of decorative laminates offers a wide-range of exterior grade compact laminate sheets that can help beautify your exterior surfaces while providing superior protection against moisture and sunlight, an all-weather performance and an ideal match for your facade. Our state-of-the-art exterior HPL laminate sheets are manufactured using latest technologies such as the GLE technology, ensuring that they are ready to tackle issues such as extreme weather conditions, fading, fire and microbial threats. Whether you want to opt for a subtle look with most in-demand solid colours, or a more sophisticated wooden finish for a classic touch, look no further than Greenlam.

Key Features

  • Superior manufacturing with GLE technology, an exclusive all-weather protection technology by Greenlam, makes the laminate sheets immune to extreme weather conditions.
  • Light fastness property that ensures protection against colour fading when exposed to harsh sunlight and moisture.
  • Our laminate sheets are fire retardant, making them extra safe and suitable for all commercial applications where fire safety plays a major role.
  • We offer an exclusive range of interior and exterior cladding with a plethora of design and colour options, giving you a great degree of freedom for choosing a compact laminate of your choice.
  • Our products are accompanied with complementing hardware offerings such as rivets that are made from non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminium for better colour fastening.
  • Greenlam produces environment friendly laminate sheets that are free from toxic chemicals. Our products are Greenguard, FSC, and Green label certified.
  • All the interior and exterior grade cladding solutions purchased from Greenlam are covered by a 10-year warranty, ensuring that you receive value for your money.

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Wrap Up

If you’re looking for an all-weather, antibacterial, moisture-resistant surfacing material that comes in a wide-range of colour and design options, you cannot go wrong with compact laminate sheets. At Greenlam, the de facto leaders of interior and exterior wall cladding in India, you can find an exclusive range of compact laminate sheets for both commercial and residential properties. To learn more, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or fill our contact form.

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