Understanding The Basics of Compact Laminates

Compact Laminates with Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Laminates enjoys a stellar reputation in the market for a lot of compelling reasons. Home owners, designers, architects, and businesses can always rely on our superior processes, equipment, materials, and personnel to deliver the best compact laminate sheets including reflection compact laminate. To help you know more about the popular surfacing material, we look at the basics of compact laminates manufacture and design.

How are Greenlam Compact laminates made?

Compact laminate sheets comprise several layers and can be separated into two main elements: the surface and the core, both of which are essential to its performance. The core acts as a solid base that gives a laminate panel sturdiness and strength, while the surface provides the aesthetics and finish.

Greenlam industries created a high-performance laminate that is composed of a tissue overlay, a solid or print design paper layer impregnated with melanin resin, and kraft paper layers impregnated with phenolic resin. This proven composition guarantees your laminates will stay in the best condition for many years of use.

Greenlam laminates are produced at state-of-the-art production facilities giving you a guarantee of exceptional quality. They are enhanced to react well to moisture, within reason, which prevents shrinking and swelling, which can occur with other surfacing materials. Other aspects, such as antibacterial properties, anti-fingerprint surfaces, and green manufacturing give our laminates a significant amount of added value.

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Compact Laminate Characteristics

Greenlam Industries offers a wide range of high-pressure compact laminates that meet the requirements for diverse residential and commercial applications. Our  compact laminates use durable and self-sustainable high-pressure boards with varying thickness ranging from 6mm – 30mm. Greenlam laminates are also made in different sizes with the following dimensions: 44.25 x 12 | 5 x 12 | 6 x 12.

Greenlam Industries manufactures a wide range of compact laminate types including reflection compact. By digitally printing designs onto the laminate surface, extreme precision is achieved for a premium visual appeal. The consistency in design is also perfect when you are looking to cover huge areas without any variation in aesthetics.

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Let’s Talk Compact Laminates

When looking to transform your building interior or exterior surfaces, Greenlam Laminates gives you a host of options. Check out our product catalog today to explore the different types of compact laminate sheets and discover one that is best for your unique application. You can also contact us via email info@greenlam.com or call us at +91 11 4279 1399.

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