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Nautical Interior Design

If there’s one interior style that never goes out of style, it’s the ocean-inspired, nautical look. Nautical comes from the Latin word “nauticus” meaning sailor and “naus” meaning ship.- The Free Dictionary.



Nautical Interior design is the perfect way to experience the positive vibes of the ocean in the comfort of your own home. With simple nautical interior design you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away. It is specially suited for people who live in coastal areas and have houses that overlook the sea as the natural backdrop. The Nautical effect can be created easily with colours of nautical essence such as navy blue and white. Add to it attractive decorative elements such as starfish, sailboats, anchors, navigational maps, sea creatures, seashells in clear jars, rowing oars, ships, jute ropes, and more!



The beach house spirit presents a positive, warm, and relaxed atmosphere. This design style bases its foundation on sand or white coloured furniture with the wooden look highly unfinished on the tables and chairs. Remember to keep the primary accent tones blue and white on the soft furnishings. Add a little
red rug along with the blue and white nautical stripes to finish the touches of the seaside look.



Material-wise, the base idea incorporated in nautical decor is anything that is associated with the sight, smell or sound of the sea. Complete the look with soft furnishings and accessories inspired with the coastal chic design and behold! You’ve lent a seafaring sailor mood to your favourite room.

The options for decorative accents for nautical bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces are many as well as easy to create. Some inbuilt shelves in the wall can be given the shape of a boat, the fish net can be hung around the house!So, bon voyage on your decorating journey!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention…or so they say! Inspired distinctively by the 21st Century urban culture, Modern Urban interior
design is a fusion of complimentary as well as opposing design elements from different eras. Stemming from minimalist modern and taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, urban modern adds a glamorous ethnic chik and on the edge design to its mechanism.



Inspired by global accents, urban furniture lends its stylish and in vogue look to any home. Setting the mindset of the decorator, the furniture- beds, sofas, end tables, etc tend to be low and sleek instead of the
larger look. Options for decorative accessories like mirrors, coffee tables,pillows, rugs ask for a creative edge and an artistic touch. The decor can be a blend in of vintage items carrying the ethnic heirloom with some modern elegant geometrical designs. For instance pair a mid century coffee table in the living room with an ethnic middle eastern rug. The city dwellers develop cosmopolitan yet chic taste which is reflected essentially in their Urban decor.



The favourite hues of the Urban Mod are gold or copper coloured furniture. The elementary function of the urban décor is to create more room and offer a casual yet lively ambience for your home.



Industrial Design

Industrial decor is often this rustic and mature look that makes us look back to the turn-of-the-century industrial era. The key feature here is the exposed brick walls which accentuate the liberal use of exposed steel with distressed wooden elements. Ceilings tend to be very high to highlight the tone of the industrial look. To deepen the moods further include copper or steel tone accents in the furniture and accessories.

Depending on personal preferences you can opt for a dark antique look or lighter, chic looking furniture representing the more industrial era. In terms of general feel, industrial decor goes equally well with elaborate ornamentations or the opposite of it, the orderly vintage look.

Galvanized steel, concrete floors and metal sliding doors set in the atmosphere further for Industrial Decor. Furniture around the house tends to be low, sleek and modular. Accessories are more utilitarian, light fixtures are more of task lights and windows are unornamented squares. Make sure to add copper or steel brackets for that extra finish.

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