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Interior and exterior wall cladding can go a long way in showcasing the taste and style of the property’s owner and occupants. That explains the ever increasing number of architects and designers turning to wall cladding to create truly enigmatic interiors. If you too are looking to use decorative interior or exterior wall cladding in your property, Greenlam is a name you can trust. As a company committed to delivering world class products, we ensure you get premium wall cladding in enchanting designs and colors. If you are wondering what all makes Greenlam wall cladding a safe choice, this blog is for you. Read on as we present some of the features and specialties that make Greenlam wall cladding a cut above the rest.


1. Superior Manufacturing Process with GLE Technology

The exterior wall cladding from Greenlam are made through a leading-edge manufacturing process leveraging GLE technology. GLE Technology means that the cladding is waterproof, weatherproof, and mechanically sturdy with high dimensional stability. It also contributes towards excellent UV and chemical resistance.

2. Lightfastness Property

Lightfastness is a property that enables resistance to fading when claddings are exposed to direct light for prolonged durations. Greenlam exterior wall claddings come with light fastness property, which makes them perfect to be used in all types of settings.

3. Fire Retardant

The exterior wall cladding from Greenlam also have fire retardant property. This feature is highly appealing to both home and commercial property owners focused on safety. Having wall cladding with fire retardant property can be a lifesafer.

4. Environment-Friendly

Greenlam offers a spectrum of environmentally-friendly interior wall cladding, which comes with FSC, PEFC, and IMO certifications. They are eco-friendly and hygienic, which attracts the customers the most.

5. 10-Year Warranty

Greenlam wall cladding come with up to 10-year warranty, promising the customers complete peace of mind. Even if a cladding panel gets damaged in an accident, it can be easily replaced without causing much interruption to routine activities.

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6. Exclusive Range

Greenlam provides a variety of exclusive cladding designs to suit different tastes. Carrying unique and exquisite looks, our wall claddings are perfect for every space, be it homes, malls, healthcare facilities, airports, educational institutions, commercial spaces, train stations, and hotels and restaurants.

7. Complementing Hardware

The wall cladding from Greenlam comes with complementing hardware that are made of fine quality materials. That is another reason behind the impeccable fit and finish that are synonymous with the name Greenlam.


1. Captivating Patterns and Textures

Greenlam has a wide collection of amazing patterns and textures in different styles and colors that fulfill diverse tastes and needs. The versatility of Greenlam wall cladding is a highly appealing factor for residential and commercial property owners.

2. Wide Color Spectrums

The variety in colors offered by Greenlam leaves you spoilt for choice. The company offers interior and exterior wall cladding in a large number of colors and contrasts. Be it alluring grey solid color shade that you want to adorn your wall or like to go for the royal walnut wooden shade, Greenlam has got you covered.

3. Various Exclusive Properties

The interior and exterior wall cladding from Greenlam are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and highly resistant to stains, scratches, fire, heat, light, chemical elements, water, moisture, and sunlight. The cladding is also easy to install and maintain, and delivers long term value.

Wrap Up

Greenlam, a name synonymous with world-class surfacing products, provides high quality wall cladding for all sorts of applications. As a leading name for decorative interior and exterior wall cladding, we are commitment to offering the best in terms of quality and value. If you wish to learn more about our products or discuss your requirements, send a message or simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at info@greenlam.com.

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