Which Type of Laminate is Best for Your Restaurant Decor?

Type of Laminate With Greenlam Induatries

Laminates are widely used in modern interiors, especially in commercial establishments such as restaurants and hotels. An increasing number of restaurants are turning to laminates to create an ambiance that can make their customers keep coming back for more. Based on the theme of your restaurant, you can choose from an array of laminate options, each carrying their own charm and attributes. If you have been thinking on the lines of using laminates in your restaurant, we help you learn about the various options available and select the ones that blend perfectly with your vision. Read on.

HD Gloss Laminate

HD Gloss laminates are a preferred choice for restaurants as they impact a premium appeal. Easy to maintain, HD gloss laminates come in a variety of patterns, colors or designs suitable for diverse decor themes. But that is not where the attributes end. HD gloss laminates are resistant to impact, heat, stains, and scuffs, which makes them a perfect surfacing material for restaurant applications. In addition, their antibacterial property makes them ideal for places prone to microbial growth, such as tables and kitchen counters.

Antistatic Laminates

Antistatic laminates, also known as Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates, is a ground-breaking laminate solution that helps provide a safe environment in electrostatic high-risk areas. An ideal surfacing option for countertops used for electric appliances, antistatic laminates drain out static charges and minimize the risk of sparking that can damage the appliances. In addition, antistatic laminates are highly durable and stain resistant, which makes them a perfect choice for your restaurant decor.

Reflection Laminate

A distinct aesthetic appeal is the main reason to use reflection laminates in your restaurant. The collection features a wide array of funky patterns that can help you create truly bespoke interiors. You can either go for geometrical patterns to give make your restaurant a psychedelic look or go for more traditional designs to create a nostalgic ambience. You can also get custom reflection laminates with images and designs.

Compact Laminate

Compact laminates, also called wall cladding, is another surfacing solution with a laminate surface, which you can use to furnish different parts of your restaurant. Besides being an ideal option for various applications in the interiors of a restaurant, such as wall panels, furniture, beam concealers, washroom cubicles, wall cladding can also be used to give a facelift to the exteriors of your restaurant.

Last Word

Different laminate solutions offer different advantages and knowing about differences helps you choose laminates that bring out the desired look and feel. If you too are planning to use laminates in your project, look no further than Greenlam, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminates and allied products. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11 4279 1399.

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