Why Invest in Engineered Doors by Greenlam Industries

Engineered Doors by Greenlam Industries

The doors in any property and the craftsmanship behind them leaves a lasting first impression in the mind of any visitor. A major matter of conflict which the customers face while trying to design their dream home is the tug and pull between the economics and style and quality of the materials being used, as they face friction while trying to find a happy median. That is when they can count on Greenlam Industries’ engineered doors. In this blog post, we discuss the reasons why it makes sense to go for our Mikasa engineered wood doors when looking for the perfect blend of appeal, performance and value. Read on.

Engineered Wood vs Solid Wood Doors

A solid wood door is constructed using only a single piece of wood belonging to the same species. The price of the door is directly proportional to the quality of the wood being used which gives no flexibility to the customer in choosing the price of the product as they are forced to go with one cost extreme or the other.

An engineered wood door, on the other hand, is made up of multiple layers of materials such as chipboard, MDF, or laminated tiny pieces of timber. Greenlam Industries takes a unique manufacturing approach which gives the customers a wide variety of materials, designs and finishes to pick and choose from.

Why Go for Engineered Doors?

Economical Yet Stylish

A common misconception about Engineered doors is customers have to pay for lower costs by compromising on the style and quality quotient. Nothing could be farther from the truth as Engineered Doors ingeniously use less expensive wood to create the interior of the door while high quality veneers are used for “lipping” the exterior of the door. This outer layer gives the appearance of high quality hard wood to the door while maintaining cost economy and giving the added benefit that the door doesn’t bow or twist.

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Greater Performance and Durability

The most familiar performance issues which are reported with Engineered Doors are that of air bubbles forming underneath a poorly installed veneer. Mikasa engineered doors manufactured by Greenlam industries go through a painstaking process of assembly which makes sure that all such drawbacks are quashed. 100% quality is maintained which gives Engineered Doors a solid edge with regards to durability.

Less Burden on the Environment

The more obvious way in which our engineered doors and frames are better for our ecosystem is the usage of different species of wood and materials to create one door. This process makes sure that no wood or resources go to waste. In addition, engineered doors are warp resistant and help ensure that the air inside the property doesn’t escape and the air outside doesn’t enter, making for efficient consumption of electricity and the resultant environmental value.

Custom Laminate Designs

If you are bored of the same old traditional designs, you can breathe a new lease of life in your living spaces with engineered doors having custom laminate designs. Besides veneer and paint, our engineered wood doors are also available in various laminate surfaces, a distinction that standard doors do not offer.

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In Conclusion

Greenlam Industries’ engineered doors and frames have proven to be a smart and efficient solution for building beautiful, durable and cost effective homes and workplaces. For expert advice or to discuss your requirements, feel free to reach us at +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499. You can also email us at info@greenlamindustries.com.

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