Your home is your canvas

Redoing the entire house can be a long and tedious task. Therefore doing it up room by room or doing up the house in parts is a smarter option. Keeping some vital points in mind is important while redoing the house. Convenience of the Family members has to be borne in mind.

First impression is the last impression:

Entrance foyers are a perfect opportunity to speak a statement of the house. They are the first creators of impact on you upon entrance. How do you want your guests and friends to perceive your house? Vibrant? Sober? Full of life? Or Serene? In effect they are the first statement of the house. You don’t have to go lavishly spending on it but it should speak a statement at the same time. Wall paper that is well textured or patterned, alternatively bright paint on the wall and a well carved beautiful mirror is just ideal to create the classy look and make that first statement effective.

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Any task is best accomplished if planned well. And planning should always start with outlining the Budget. Finances are best managed when the original budget is kept in line. Overspending should be avoided and better still don’t be in a hurry to buy all the furniture at once. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Again doing the house in portions is easy on the budget too.

Trends of the day: Lots of trends come and go, and excitedly we follow them too. Bringing home those lamps or those different looking rugs seemed the ultimate goal then, but after the momentary fad goes out, those lamps and rugs feel out dated and so out of place. The easy way is to not spend a lot of money on trendy things so that they are more easily recyclable.

Frames that are Hung Too High

Every time to admire your favourite art if you have to crick your neck, then it’s a sign of bad designing. Frames should neither be hung too high nor too low. They should be at the appropriate eye level so that it serves its purpose right. Standing eye level or 60 inches above the ground is the optimal height for hanging art and mirrors. The top of the door frames act as a good measure. If the big art work frames reach in line to match up with the top of the door frame, then they can be considered well placed. If any artwork is to be hung above a sofa, then keep in mind that the lowest edge should be at least six inches over and above the topmost line of the sofa.

Highly Formal look

A house should be elegantly designed and yet give out the vibe of being inviting and comfortable. It should have the spark of warmth in it. Too much furniture doesn’t bring comfort and doesn’t add a very liveable element to the room.

Loading too much furniture in one room gives it a very formal look. It more likely would resemble one of the furniture showrooms in the catalogue. Your home should have the look where elegance speaks volumes and yet it is warmly inviting enough to be your retreat after a long day.

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Floating Rugs

Rugs that are not wall to wall or in other words are floating; tend to make the entire room look disproportionate. Ideally a rug should touch all the walls or a t least the outlined furniture. A good idea is to use a measuring tape and create an approximate outline to obtain a sense of how and where you want to place the rug before actually purchasing it. An idea l rug should connect all furniture t o achieve a proportionate look. Pl acing all the front feet of the furniture makes sure the rug will be anchored well.


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