Managing Director & CEO

Bringing nothing short of the finest to our customers worldwide.


Dear friends,

The world is a beautiful place and at Greenlam Industries, our endeavour is to keep enhancing this beauty. Greenlam Industries has consciously selected to create a distinctive identity through the introduction of refreshingly different designs that light up interiors and enhance customer pride.

We have invested in business sustainability and continuity, vindicated by our responsible manufacturing practices. We recognise that complexity of a challenging marketplace could not be competently addressed by a handful of individuals.

We believe in our approach of being in the right place at the right time with the right products to enhance profits and margins. While we introduce innovative products addressing existing and emerging requirements in a business where preferences keep evolving, we also do recognise that we need to provide a range of products across price points, addressing a variety of applications. With this foresight, we will continue to launch fresh products, enter new markets and strengthen our brand.

The result is an intent to keep delighting customers with an unusual combination of designs, textures, colours and processes with a singular objective: to make heads turn.

We will leverage our enduring strengths to pursue our overarching objective – Create. Innovate. Beautify.