Ideas To Steal

LivingetcFebruary, 2021

Greenlam explore newer ways of designing

Interiors & DècorJanuary, 2021

Design News – Ideas to Steal

Living etc.January, 2021

Good Vibes Only

The Pioneer05th January, 2021

Good vibes only

The Pioneer05th January, 2021

Pantone 2021 by Greenlam Industries

The Tiles of India30th December, 2020

Beat The Winter Gloom

Daily Pioneer1st December, 2020

It’s brewing sparkle and charm of festivities at home

Architect and Interiors India2nd November, 2020

Its brewing sparkle and charm of festivities at home!

Property House Magazine October, 2020

Industry Speak

Livingetc October, 2020

Fight Evil at Home

The Pioneer23rd October, 2020

House Music

Livingetc October, 2020

Give Your Home a Festive Charm with These Tips

Roof and Floor30th October, 2020

Fight Evil at Home

The Pioneer23rd October, 2020

Chiaro Laminate by Greenlam

Sourcing Hardware21st October, 2020

A Spick and Span Abode

Property House Magazine September, 2020

Bring in the monsoon madness

Property House Magazine September, 2020

The Nordic influence

The Pioneer28th August, 2020

The Nordic influence

The Pioneer28th August, 2020

A Tale of Charming Contrasts

Property House Magazine July , 2020

Bring in the monsoon madness with Greenlam

Architect and Interiors India31st July , 2020

Bring in the monsoon madness!

Magic Bricks22nd July , 2020

Décor ideas for jazzing up your home

News Gram26th June , 2020

‘A spick and span abode’ with Greenlam

The Architecture Design23rd June , 2020

Greenlam’s décor guide to a productive work-from-home

Architect and Interiors01st June , 2020

A serene and clean space by Greenlam

Architect and Interiors30th April, 2020

Tryst with Pastels!

Property House1st April, 2020

Loud and Proud

Property House1st April, 2020

Feeling Blue?

Property House1st April, 2020

Greenlam’s Sizzling Décor Theme

PropTOQ Magazine1st April, 2020

Summer On My Mind

Good Homes1st April, 2020

Textured Wood Expressions

Architecture + Design1st April, 2020

It’s a ‘Check and Matte’ from Greenlam Industries!

Architect and Interiors26th March, 2020

Mikasa Floors Oak Stein

Vanita March, 2020

Greenlam’s Sizzling Décor Theme

PropTOQ Magazine1st March, 2020

Greenlam’s three ‘warm’ picks for the winter season

Architect and Interiors22nd January, 2020

Greenlam’s top three recommendations for home makeovers

Architect and Interiors17th December, 2019

Throw a Pattern Party

India Today Home February, 2020

Ideas to Steal

Living Etc. February, 2020

The Power of Pastels – Mikasa’s ‘Oak Winter’

Architectural Digest February, 2020

The 2020 Allure

Better Interiors1st January, 2020

Tryst with Pastels by Greenlam Industries

Home & Design Trends1st January, 2020

A Tranquil Wonderland

Property House1st January, 2020

Tis the season

Property House1st January, 2020

Tips for a stylish and astounding abode

Surfaces Reporter27th January, 2020

Buyer’s guide to – Indoor Flooring

Living Etc.1st November, 2019

Room to grow

Living Etc.1st November, 2019

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Surfaces Reporter26th Oct, 2019

Ideas To Steal

Living Etc.1st Oct, 2019

A Cocktail of Vivacity by Greenlam Industries

Fortune Streets10th September, 2019

Buyer’s Guide to Renovations

Living Etc.1st Aug, 2019

Game of Tones

Construction WorldJuly, 2019

Pick of the Week

The Tribune Trends29th June, 2019

Say hello to beach-iness!

The Afternoon Despatch & Courier29th June, 2019

The feel of wood

The TribuneJune 29, 2019

Floored by choices

Hotelier India1st May, 2019

Scullery Tales – A guide to your Kitchen Décor

Afternoon Despatch & Courier27th April, 2019

Elegantly Flawed

Realty Plus24th April, 2019

The Game of Tones

Property houseApril, 2019

Elegantly Flawed Designs & Trends

Realty Myths18th April, 2019

Rustic Sophistication

Afternoon Despatch & Courier6th April, 2019

Elegantly Flawed

Property House1st April, 2019

Wood You or Wood You Not!

ChromohomesMarch, 2019

The Game of Tones

ChromohomesMarch, 2019

The Dark Knight Rises

Better InteriorsMarch, 2019

Taking the Floor

Construction WorldMarch, 2019

The Game of Tones

Fortune Streets8th March, 2019

Touch Wood

The Sunday Standard24th March, 2019

Veneers of Allure

Deccan Chronicle4th February, 2019

Rustic The Way It Is…

Suburb Magazine1st February, 2019

Stay Grounded

India Today - Home1st February, 2019

Iridescent Textures From the House of Greenlam

Fortune Streets23rd January, 2019

Shine On!

Realty PlusJanuary 10, 2019

Spread Coral Charm

The TribuneJanuary 5, 2019

Take the Floor..

Architect and InteriorsJanuary 1, 2019

Dark Knight Rises

Construction and ArchitectureJanuary 1, 2019

Floorings industry poised for growth

Architecture UpdateJanuary 1, 2019

Iridescent Textures

Property houseJanuary 1, 2019

Christmas Feels

Property House1st December, 2018

Winter Flings

Property House1st December, 2018

Dark Knight Rises

Property House (Mumbai)1st December, 2018

Bring Home the Colours of Autumn

Chromohomes1st December, 2018

Winter décor ideas for your home

99acres5th December, 2018

Timber Land

India Today Home1st December, 2018

Winter Flings from Greenlam Industries

Design SourceNovember, 2018

Touch Wood

Property HouseNovember, 2018

Winter Flings

Realty Plus30th November, 2018

Recreate classic charm with wood

The Asian Age (Mumbai)November ‘18

Recreate classic charm with wood

The Asian Age (Delhi)November ‘18

Get a plush upgrade

HT Estates (Mumbai)November ‘18

Recreate classic charm with wood

Deccan ChronicleNovember ‘18

Touch Wood

Property houseNovember ‘18

Dripping in wood finesse!

The Afternoon Despatch & CourierNovember 17, 2018

Play with hues

The TribuneOctober, 2018

Festive Treats

Property HouseOctober, 2018

Knock on Wood

Property HouseOctober, 2018

Floored to the Core

The Ideal Home and Garden1st October, 2018

Bring home the colours of autumn!

Property HouseOctober, 2018

Buyer’s Guide to Renovations

Living Etc.September, 2018

Dripping in Wood Finesse!

Property HouseSeptember 2018

Shine On!

Property HouseSeptember, 2018

Flooring Trends – Wood Still Reigns

Good Homes1st August, 2018

Wood you like it?

Magicbricks9th July, 2018

Keeping Your Floors Clean

99acres18th June, 2018

Buyer’s guide to Flooring

Living ETCJune 2018

Refresh, Remix, Restyle

Better Homes and Gardens May 2018

Get Woody with it!

ChromohomesMarch 2018

Mikasa Floors at DOMOTEX ’18, Germany

Sourcing Hardware21st March, 2018

Chevron Floors from Mikasa

Sourcing Hardware25th February 2018

Discreet Charm

Construction Week19th February, 2018

Mikasa Floors at DOMOTEX ’18, Germany

ACE Update16th February, 2018

Cover Story: On the Surface

India Today16th February, 2018

Special on Surfaces – Mikasa Floors

Elle Décor1st February, 2018

Mikasa Floors – Herringbone Collection

MGS ArchitectureFebruary 2018

Ideas to Steal

Living ETC November, 2017

Ideas to Steal

Living ETCOctober, 2017

Mikasa Flooring

The Design SourceOct 2017

Go Blonde

The Ideal Home and GardenSep 2017

Ideas to Steal

Living ETC.Sep 2017

Product Coverage

Living ETC.Sep 2017

Product Coverage

Living ETC.Sep 2017

Ideas to Steal

Living ETC.Sep 2017

Style Mantra

DNASep 2017

Cover Focus – Pristine Collection

The Ideal Home and GardenSep 2017

Grow Up to Wood

BW HotelierAug 2017

Décor Diary

Good HomesAug 2017

Ideas to Steal

Living ETC.Aug 2017

Ideas to Steal

Living ETC.Aug 2017

Showcase Flooring

Surfaces ReporterAug 2017

Hottest Pick – Mikasa Floors

Better InteriorsAug 2017

Legally Blonde

Architecture UpdateAug 2017

Go Natural

The Ideal Home and GardenAug 2017

Launch of new collection 2017

HotelierIndia.com24th July 2017

Cover Story, Flooring

India Today HomeJuly 2017

AD Discover – Knock Knock

Architectural DigestJuly 2017

New Collection 2017 Launch

MSG Architecture22nd June 2017

New Collection 2017 launch

HospitalityBizIndia.com22nd June 2017

Mikasa New Collection

Hotelier IndiaJuly 2017

Buyer’s Guide To Flooring

Living ETC.June 2017

Stylish Wooden Floors

The HinduMay 19, 2017

Décor Diary

Good Homes May 2017


BBC Good Homes1st April 2017

Launch Pad – Floor Talk

BBC Good Homes1st April 2017

New variants of Mikasa Flooring

Better Interiors25th Feb 2017

Get Floored

Better Homes and Garden1st March 2017

Décor Buzz

Elle DécorFeb 01, 2017

Final Take (Gallery)

Better InteriorsDecember 2016

Bring nature into your home

DNA, Delhi 10th Dec 2016

BW Event-Smart Hotels

BW HotelierOct 2016


Architectural DigestSeptember 2016

Cover Focus: Floor To Walls

The Ideal Home and GardenSeptember 2016

Property, It’s Hot

NDTV Profit August 2016

Tread With Care

Hotelier India Aug, 2016

Decor Buzz

Elle Décor Aug, 2016

Be Rain Ready

India Today – HomeJuly, 2016

Expert Column: Flooring

Ace UpdateJuly 2016


DecoramaJune 2016

Final Take Gallery

Better InteriorsJune 2016


SurfacesJune 2016


DecoramaMay 2016


DecoramaApril 2016

Product Showcase

Sourcing Hardware MagazineMarch-April 2016

AD Inside

Architectural DigestMay-June, 2016

A new wood flooring range by Mikasa

Better Interiors10th March 2016

Product Showcase

Surfaces ReporterFeb 2016

Launch Pad

Good Homes1st Feb 2016


Architectural DigestJan 2016

That Wintry Feel

Good HousekeepingJanuary 2016

New in the market

Better Homes & GardensNovember 2015

Winter is here

DNA PropertyNov 21, 2015


Architectural Digest 01 NOV 2015

Experience Centre for Mikasa 23 MAR 2015

Get Floored

Financial Chronical 23 July 2015

Engineered Floors by Mikasa

Surfaces ReporterAugust 2015

Engineered Floors By Mikasa

Surfaces ReporterAugust 2015

Mikasa Experience Center@Mumbai

Surfaces ReporterSeptember 2015

Mikasa Experience Center Launch

Better Interiors May 2015

Cover Focus

The Ideal Home and GardenSeptember 2015

Acetech 2015

Society InteriorsOctober 2015