Compact Laminate Solutions

A wide range of high pressure interior and exterior grade compact laminate solutions perfect for interiors and exteriors.

Compact laminates use durable and self-sustainable high pressure boards which come in a thickness ranging from 4mm – 30mm. and Dimensions - 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 4.25' x 10', 5' x 12' and 6’ x 12’ Engineered with indigenous technology, ourcompact laminate solution comes with Anti-bacterial properties. Compact laminate are used for both Exterior and Interior application, ideal for Restroom Cubicles, Lockers, Furnitures, Panels, Work tops, Lab furniture, Facades etc.


Standard Compact Board

  • Standard Compact Board

    Greenlam offers you durable, self-sustainable and decorative Compact Laminates, the perfect choice to build your ideal interiors and exteriors. While their sturdiness makes them apt for a wide range of applications, their spectacular colours make them more desirable.

Specialty Compact Solutions

  • Lab Guardian

    Lab Guardian

    Designed specially to shield surfaces from chemical abuse, Lab Gaurdian is a range of special chemical resistant compact laminates. Ideal for horizontal applications, it is indeed a durable and cost effective substitute to epoxy, slate and stainless steel.

  • Digital Compact


    These laminates gives you the freedom to deck your world around with the customized picture & images to give them a personal touch. Enabling you to decorate your world your own way, we convert your photographs, design etc. into laminates to give your surroundings your signature style.

  • Unicore Compact

    Unicore Compact

    Greenlam Unicore is a world of high performance uni-coloured compact laminates made with multi-layered decorative papers. A world where you could feel the vibrancy of every colour through and through. A world of perfection and inspiration.

  • Exterior Grade Compact


    These exterior grade compact laminates are designed to make your exteriors enthralling and gripping. Greenlam Clads laminates comes with a revolutionary unmatched GLE Technology that makes them fade resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant, hence apt for exteriors.

  • Interior Grade Compact


    Made from high pressure compact laminates, Clads internal wall cladding panels are the true example of bold & beautiful. While their captivating aesthetics, numerous colours options, rhythms and depths make these laminates win every heart.

  • Sandwich Compact


    Sandwich Compact Laminate, the result of our cutting-edge technology, are revolutionary laminates which have the charm to first surprise, and then spellbind your guests with their sheer uniqueness. What add to this range is the freedom to add numbers of different colour linings according to one's taste.