Engineered Doors & Frames

Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Engineered Wood Doors By Greenlam

In a market, served mostly by traditional flush doors, Mikasa Door & Frames introduces a revolutionary new concept. It offers superior quality of wooden doors and frame design. matching frames as single, factory finished unit; a natural progression over the old carpentry methods where wooden doors and frames are made separately and hand finished on site.

Because Mikasa Doors & Frames comes as an integrated set, it is ready to install, unlike the current method in which the door frame is installed in the brick-work stage and suffers deformation during the later stages of building construction. Choose from a number of door frame types and find the one that best fits your requirements.

Product Range

Non Fire Rated Doors

Made of 5 layers with tubular core which is sturdy and load-bearing. It has various applications in residential and commercial spaces, where Fire Doors are not mandatory.

Fire Rated Doors

Designed for areas prone to fire hazard, to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and provide a safe exit in case of emergency.

Dura Collection

Short for Durability, these doors are designed to stand the test of time. Design, that is a function of 5 layers of tubular core and a 6-side protection that shields the doors from the hostile weather makes them apt for both, residential and commercial ecosystems.

Speciality Doors

  • Radiation Shielding: Constructed for areas exposed to high levels of radiations, such as hospitals and laboratories. These are available with or without vision panels.
  • Acoustic: Designed to achieve optimum levels of sound reduction of up to 45RwdB

Solution from Mikasa

Surface Finishes

Veneers | Laminates | Painted | Polished

Size and Thickness

Our Fire rated doors come in 44mm and 54mm of thickness whereas our Non Fire rated doors are available in 32mm, 35mm, 38mm and 44mm.

Hardware and Accessories

Our door sets are available with a wide range of hardware and accessories for seamless functioning and a long life, as desired by the customer.


Single Leaf | Equal Pairs | Unequal Pairs

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