Laminate Sheets

A wide range of laminate sheets addressing modern surfacing needs.

Laminates are decorative surface materials that are used on top of a substrate, such as plywood, MDF, or a particle board to give stylish surface finish to interior or furniture. Laminates are durable, low maintenance and easy to apply surface finish option.

Laminates can be used both on a vertical and horizontal surface. Laminates can be applied in homes, kitchens, office or any premise. They not only appeal to aesthetics but also provide long term durability.

Greenlam, the leading brand in decorative and designer laminates, brings variety of best laminates for your space. Our laminates come in variety of forms to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for laminates for your kitchen, living room, office or any commercial space, you can find all the varieties at Greenlam. From standard to metallics to textured, you can now choose from plethora of options. Our laminates are of high quality which also makes the surface look rich and stylish.

Standard Laminate

  • Laminates


    A wide range of decorative laminates crafted to adore your spaces. Available in over 1000 decors and dimensions. These laminates give an aesthetic look to one’s interiors and comes with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Digital Laminates

    Digital Laminates

    Greenlam presents a world of stunning art and smart craft digital laminates. Designed for all kinds of spaces. Designed by seasoned artistic minds. These laminates let you explore infinite décor possibilities and enhance the exclusivity of your spaces.

  • Custom Laminates

    Custom Laminates

    All of a sudden laminate has become a whole new canvas of imagination. Bring us your own images, artwork or illustration and we will create laminate that’s unusual; laminate that’s memorable; laminate that’s breath taking. The possibilities are endless.

  • Digi-Junior


    Digi junior is a special collection of kids laminates. These are licensed laminate. Digi junior offers a wide collection of popular Barbie and Hot Wheels designs .

  • Metallix


    Metallix laminates are special laminates that come with metallic foil finish. These laminates are durable and complement the surface décor of one’s interior.

  • Liners


    Liners are balancing laminates which come in 0.7mm thickness. These are used in furnitures such as inside the wardrobe, tables, table drawers, shutters to give an aesthetic finish. Available in 6 colour designs.

Speciality Laminates

  • Unicore Laminate


    Greenlam Unicore is a high performance, uni-coloured laminate made with multi layered decorative papers. These laminates give a superior and aesthetic finish on furnitures and one’s interior by avoiding the visible black edges of laminates.

  • Chalk & Marker


    Greenlam Chalk & Marker laminates come with a special property ideal for writing board solutions. The special coating on the laminate gives easy erasable properties and leaves no ghost marks.

  • HD Gloss


    Greenlam HD Gloss laminate has been developed with the most advanced technology to create the best in class gloss. Resistant to MAR, scratches, scuff and abrasion, these premium laminates are sturdy and highly durable when compared to other laminates.

  • ESD


    A ground breaking laminate solution that provides a safe and better environment for furniture or other surface applications in electrostatic, high risk areas. In built with technology and electrostatic charge consumption formula, these laminates drain out static charges and minimize the risk of spark or damages to sensitive appliances.

  • Countertop


    Coutertop laminates are special laminates manufactured for horizontal applications. These laminates come with high abrasion and scratch resistant properties. Available in 5’ x 12’.

  • Fire-retardant


    Result of extensive research and development, these laminates are safe, durable, harmless, sturdy and come in exquisite decors. They are treated with imported fire retardant chemicals that are halogen free and minimize smoke emissions in case of fire. It is a recommended product for kitchens and commercial spaces.

  • Post-forming Laminates


    Post-forming laminates come with special forming properties with an ability to bend up to 6mm radius. Greenlam post-forming laminates are perfect for spaces where you don’t want dark edges. These laminates are ideal for application on shutters, countertops, furniture tops etc.

  • Chemical Resistant

    Chemical Resistant

    These are special laminates designed to shield the surface from harsh chemicals and cleaning agents while enhancing the lab décor. These laminates come with a special chemical resistant property manufactured with the unique patented Electron Beam Curing (EBC) acrylic resins.