Introducing MikasaPly

Plyboard and Plywood Sheets in India from Greenlam Industries

The No-Nonsense Ply

At Mikasa Ply, we are dedicated to crafting plywood sheets that epitomize durability, aesthetic appeal, and innovation. Our range of ply board products is meticulously designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring each piece upholds our high standards of quality. Explore our premium offerings:


Discover the pinnacle of plywood excellence with Sapphire, where eco-friendliness and fire retardant converge for unmatched quality.

Marine Blue

Embrace the robustness of Marine Blue, designed for ultimate indoor and outdoor resilience with boiling waterproof features.


Set sail with Marine, your trusted ally for superior moisture resistance and structural integrity in marine applications.


Elevate your interiors with MR+, the moisture-resistant marvel that brings durability and elegance to every corner.

Fire Guardian

Protect your spaces with Fire Guardian, the ultimate fire-retardant plywood for unparalleled safety in domestic and commercial settings.

Each Mikasa Ply product is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental stewardship, cementing our position as the leading plywood company in India. Experience the Mikasa Ply difference, a premier plywood brand in India, where every ply board is crafted with precision and care.

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