Approach towards implementation and monitoring

  • Outcome based approach


    Greenlam believes that one of the key paradigm shifts in designing and executing the Corporate Social Responsibility program is to move from an activity-based execution to an outcome-based execution model. Hence, for any intervention, we believe in starting with the key needs of the community to define specific outcomes that they envision to achieve through the CSR activities. The envisioning of outcomes helps us determining the design, implementation and the monitoring approach of the project.

  • Rigor of monitoring

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    Greenlam believes that it is vital to have a structured approach to measure the immediate, short-term and long-term indicators for a project. It is critical to ensure alignment across all these indicators so that impact on the immediate indicators will reflect on the short-term and long-term indicators. These indicators become the objective measure of the progress of the project and the impact on the ground. We prefer creating a consistent data collection approach to collect quantitative and qualitative data based on the monitoring framework – with both objectives measures and data on the ground. For this, we focus on right capacity building of its implementing partners and train them on template creation, collection of data, interpretation of data and decisions based on data received.

  • Long-term view of the project

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    While there are many immediate solutions to address a particular problem, the focus of Greenlam is to institutionalizing an approach that can create impact even after the company has exited from the community or ceased to implement its CSR initiatives. We at Greenlam take a holistic view of the problem, bring together practitioners with specific expertise and most importantly, integrate the solution with existing government community and private initiatives to ensure synergies and long-term sustainability.