Current Projects

  • Behror:


    Behror: At Behror, Greenlam is working with MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child for upliftment of health services in the community. The project is called “Addressing social determinants for nurturing First-Time Parenthood” in Behror block of Alwar District – An investment on unmarried and married youth for improved Maternal, New-born and Child Health outcomes”. The primary goal of this project is enabling first time parents to improve maternal, new-born and child health outcomes. Other objectives are:

    i. Empower Adolescents with Knowledge and Practice related to issues on Marriage and Maternal, New-born and Child Health (MNCHN).
    ii. Increase uptake of appropriate spacing methods/contraception among the first-time parents after the birth of first child.
    iii. Ensure complete antenatal and post natal care of the first time mothers.
    iv. Enhance the skills of first time parents on child rearing practices.
    v. Support young married infertile couples by establishing linkages with existing health care system.

    With the initiatives we are planning to reach 15-20 villages around the plant over the period of time.

  • Nalagarh

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    Nalagarh: At Nalagarh, Greenlam is working with SARD (Society for All Round Development) in the focus areas of Health and Education. The program is called “Integrated Community Development Program (ICDP) in Nalagarh. The primary goal of the project is to “Improve Education and Health status” in community in intervention area. The project focuses on working closely with government and local governance institution to improve service delivery and capacity of the stakeholders.


    i. Establishing child-friendly learning environment in government schools
    ii. Capacity building of Government Teachers
    iii. Celebration of various health days with student
    iv. Introduction of BaLA (Building as a Learning Aid) and classroom resource centres (CRC) to enable classroom teaching in schools


    i.Creating awareness in community related to key health issues
    ii. Creating access channels to connect community to health service providers
    iii. Development of health knowledge material
    iv. Capacity building of Frontline Health Workers like Anganwadi workers, Asha workers, sub health centre works and primary health centre workers
    v. Renovation of key infrastructural areas like toilet, provision of medical equipment to enable better service delivery
    vi. Observation day and Health day’s celebration with children and the community.

  • Udyan Care (Ghaziabad Ghar):

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    Our continued focus on deep social intervention through Udyan Ghar is helping 12 orphan children enjoy a safe life and superior education. The Ghar focuses on holistic development, mental health well-being, education learning outcomes and mentorship support of the children. Other objectives are:

    i.Provide sound physical and mental health environment to the children in the Ghar
    ii. Mentor parent support for every child who act like real parents to the children
    iii. Provide educational support, including tuition for school, out of school learning programmes and peer support structure.
    iv. Ensure children receive a comfortable living environment inside and outside the Ghar
    v. Conduct workshops around skill building, education and hygiene and health issues
    vi. Conduct field trips and exposure visits for the children in the Ghar
    vii. Counselling sessions for all the children surrounding mental health issues