Glimpses from our interventions

    Kavita Devi


    This is what Kavita Devi, one of the primary beneficiaries in Behror had to say about the project. “Since the start of my involvement with the Greenlam team, they have interacted with me on issues related to me and my child. I felt as though for the first time in my life, I got the opportunity to discuss these issues about my own health and my child’s health with someone. It led me to remove many preconceived notions about many issues surrounding maternal and child hygiene and health. I am confident that through this entire project I will be able to gain more in-depth knowledge on my health and able to take care of my and my child’s health confidently.”


    Digital Laminates

    “Sona” (name changed) was a bright child in Udayan Care, Ghaziabad who has been through a tragic past where unpleasant circumstances made her eventually run away from her home. She had always missed her younger sister ever since she transferred to Udayan Ghar, Ghaziabad and remained to be concerned about her sister’s well being but there was no contact with the family and she remembered nothing except the name of the town. The effort for tracing her sister were catalysed soon after and all bits and pieces of information provided by her were swilled through several times. After networking with various other organisations and authorities, an attempt was made to join the dots and trace the family. Fortunately, Sona was able to locate her extended family in Meerut and surprisingly, her younger sister was also staying in this home. Finally, Sona was able to meet her long lost sister and all other relatives. A lot of people who knew her from her childhood came over to meet her and took her to their homes. A wave of happiness and joy could be felt in the environment on this siblings’ reunion after 7 years.