“Greenlam as an organisation believes in enhancing welfare measures of the society based on long term social impact initiatives. As such, our CSR activities are designed in a way so as to reach out to communities ensuring long term sustainable change in multiple impact areas. Currently, we are working in the areas of Health, Education and Community welfare in multiple areas in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi NCR. We have tied up with leading NGOs in the country to ensure maximum impact in our activities to all of our beneficiaries in the intervention areas. We believe the way we do CSR is meaningful and that it reaches out to the maximum beneficiaries while focusing on collective impact and ensuring long term, sustainable initiatives that will change the overall picture of how people perceive companies and their CSR interventions”

  • Philosophy:


    Greenlam Industries Limited and its people are committed to society, ecology and environment. The Company also realizes that caring for the society, country and the planet is not philanthropy or generosity – it is the very way of doing sustainable business. The Company believes that it is not being generous by following the CSR Policy - it is only being relevant and meaningful to the society of which we are a corporate citizen. The soul of Greenlam CSR is to strive towards giving back to the society from where we draw so much and thus making a meaning impact in the ecosystem we operate into.

  • Vision:

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    “Improving lives in pursuit of collective development and environmental sustainability”

  • Mission of the CSR Committee:

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    At the core of Greenlam CSR, we firmly believe in socially inclusive and sustainable business as the way of doing business. The CSR Committee’s Mission is primarily to pursue initiatives directed towards enhancing welfare measures of the society based on long term social and environmental consequences of the CSR activities. Within the above mission, the CSR Committee will choose Priority Projects from time to time. The objective of CSR is not only to guide the Company and its people to indulge in social activities but also to integrate the business processes with social processes.