Greenlam Industries Pvt Limited believes in contributing to deep rooted impact through its CSR initiatives. Since the inception of our CSR, we have been contributing to the economic development of the communities surrounding our manufacturing units to ensure long term sustainable change in multiple impact areas. All of Greenlam’s programs are co-created with the communities, keeping them as the focal point. We strive towards inclusive growth and equitable development of our communities through the model of “Integrated Community Development”, wherein our aim is to make the communities self-sufficient and concentrate on building their capacities through providing them basic fundamental needs such as high quality Education, Healthcare and Water Conservation. We realize that caring for society and the planet is not philanthropy but the very way of doing sustainable business.

  • Philosophy


    The CSR philosophy of Greenlam Industries Limited is to improve the quality of life of the communities through promoting meaningful interventions that reach out to the maximum beneficiaries while focusing on collective impact and to ensure long term sustainable change.

  • Vision

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    The CSR Committee’s vision is to improve the lives of communities in pursuit of collective development and environmental sustainability. This vision should encompass all CSR activities of the Company.

  • Mission

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    The CSR Committee’s mission is primarily to pursue initiatives directed towards enhancing welfare measures of the society based on long term social and environmental consequences of the Company’s CSR activities. Within the above mission, the CSR Committee shall choose priority projects from time to time.