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History of headboards


Comfort has to be an essential factor while buying any furniture. Most of the times people select furniture that looks good in the catalogue or simply matches their colour scheme. Furniture selected for comfort sake will be a sure source of appreciation in the future. With all the back aches and stiff necks, comfortable furniture is the key. Let’s take the benefits of investing in a good bed.



A good night’s sleep is worth millions. One third of our lives we spend sleeping, which means that spending that extra bit on a comfortable bed and mattress is worth every penny. The time of our waking life is impacted by our amount of deep slumber. A relaxed sleep is the most intrinsic source of memory and promotes building strong mind power. All this in turn promotes good health and reduces stress levels. How active you are is directly proportionate to how well you have rested.


The central feature of everyone’s lives is their bed.  It is vital to have a right place to rest that head at night. There are various ways a high-quality bed can improve your sleep and in effect your physical and mental healths.



A bed with a solid wooden headboard provides a great sense of safety and security-the feeling of a mountain protecting you as you sleep. The key function of a headboard is to offer extensive security, confidence and stability. Headboards have a great effect on the human psychology building security and safety in our minds. It gives the security of having something to lean on. The best position for the bed headboard is against a solid wall.



History of Headboards goes back to the Egyptians. In Ancient Egypt, headboards served a practical purpose. It acted as a blockade against cold winds to provide warmth during the night. The headboards were constructed of wood, which acted as less conductive thermally than solid stones and bricks. They had intrinsic carving and motifs and acted as a status symbol for the class hierarchy

Much later in Ancient Greece extra cushion was lent to headboards began for extra comfort. Some of them were carved in gold, some in silver and some in ebony. Undoubtedly they also stood to show the difference between the haves and have nots.


Later the British accepted them cause ‘it went along with their four poster wooden beds. Their purpose also included providing security against the cold and keeping the temperature warm provided by the wooden texture instead of metal.


One of the most recommended alterations to your bedroom is to have a solid headboard. The best position for your headboard is always against a solid wall. Headboards are intrinsic to the psyche of the human on the subconscious level. Whether the headboard you have selected is for decorative purpose or just for its high functionality, they always provide a sense of great strength and security in the room. Upon entering any bedroom, the main element that fixates the gaze is usually the headboard.

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Every time you go home to your comfort pad decorated in impeccable taste, the subconscious level of the mind sends a signal of satisfaction and great self esteem. It may not be evident at first, but slowly it will boost your well being overall. Whatever your decor style, good furniture always brings comfort and happiness.

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