• Why Laminate Countertops Are The Best Option For Your Kitchen

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Countertop Laminate: Is It The Best Choice for Your Kitchen?

Countertop laminates are a common feature in most residential and commercial kitchens. Apart from being the most affordable surface solution for kitchen countertops, laminates also bring a lot of advantages that make them perfect for the job. Greenlam Industries gives you a huge collection of laminates for kitchen countertops, allowing you to choose one that goes with your dream decor. In this blog, we take a closer look at some of the notable advantages of kitchen countertop laminates that make them perfect for any kitchen.


Countertop laminates are the most affordable surface material for your kitchen when compared to other options such as granite and quartz.

Easy Installation

Countertop laminates are super easy to install, something that can not be said for the vast majority of other surface materials. In-fact, they are even suitable for a DIY installation, provided you have the right tools and know the basics.

Endless Design Options

Laminates for kitchen countertops are available in a wide range of designs, allowing them to cater to every decor theme. Greenlam offers different collections with flawless decorative edges that include Unicore and Sandwich compact laminates, from which you can choose across different colors and patterns.

Heat Resistance

The kitchen requires surfaces that can resist the heat from hot pots, pans, and other utensils. That is why kitchen countertop laminates are a preferred surface solution, as they boast heat resistance.

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Water Resistance

Countertop laminates are water-resistant, making them ideal for surfacing applications in the kitchen. This is because kitchen surfaces experience frequent spillage of water or liquid food ingredients.

Easy Maintenance

Laminates for kitchen countertops are easy to clean. Even with regular dishwashing soap and water, you can get rid of the toughest stains. They can keep their aesthetic appeal for a long time as long as you avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. Countertop laminates are also stain and wear-resistant.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Countertop laminates also offer antibacterial protection, which goes a long way in ensuring good hygiene. It is very easy for bacteria to grow and spread in kitchen spaces, as that is where food is prepared for family and guests.

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