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Laminates + Living Room = A Sublime Pairing

Living room is all about great conversations – a place where friends and family share moments of zeal and warmth. That alone is enough reason why your living room to be dressed to kill… erm… look the best. Whilst there’s no doubting the role that good furniture plays in all of this, ignoring the décor and walls of the room is tantamount to sin. Don’t blame us, for ‘interiors’ is serious business around here.

So, if you’ve gotten bored of how your living room looks, and want to spruce it up in a cost-effective way, laminates is what you should ponder over.

Why prefer laminates for your living room?

Putting it as simply as it can be put, laminates have the ability to introduce a sense of definition to an existing setup. Decorative laminates for living room are designed to suit a variety of applications, including column claddings, wall linings, shelves, furniture, doors, counters, cabinets, etc. Their wide range of designs, textures, colors and sizes lend an aesthetically appealing finish to almost all interiors of your living room. Furthermore, laminates are easy to maintain and durable, which means a bit of care and maintenance will go a long way in keeping your laminates looking like new for long.

Tips to use laminates in your living room

A pop of color and a hint of panache is what laminates can bring to a living room. The best thing about laminates is that they come in a range of attractive and stylish designs to match well with all types of dark and light, painted or wood cabinets.

Here are a few ways to style up your living room with laminates –

  • – Dress up the walls

Ditch the paint for something that’s more trendsetting, and when the design possibilities are endless, you won’t have to worry about choice! Explore the best laminate brands in India to imbibe a dramatic accent into the walls of your living room.

  • – Cover up the pillars

If you’ve a column or pillar in your living room, then that right there presents the perfect canvas. You can cover the pillars with creative laminates to create either horizontal or vertical layouts, or go artsy with the more complex patterns. The trick here lies in keeping everything around plain and simple, for it to have the effect it is capable of.

  • – Luster  the shelves

You can even use decorative laminates for counter tops, television mount shelves, tables, table racks, etc. in the living room. Just keep the color tone of your living room in coordination; bright and warm colors are an ideal choice in this context.

Accentuating the interiors with decorative laminates for the living room can make the room feel more upbeat. As one of the best laminate brands in India, our laminates collections can leave you spoilt for choice. All you need to do is pick a pattern that syncs with your style of living room, and turn it from ‘meh, it is ok’ to ‘wow, it is good!’

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