Clads - Exterior and Interior

Fashion for Exterior and Interior claddings.

Greenlam provides revolutionary cladding solutions for exterior and interior surfacing panel. The product is marketed under the brand name Greenlam Clads.

Greenlam Clads laminates come with unmatched GLE technology that makes them fade-resistant, weather-proof and fire-resistant.

CLADS Exterior

Suitable for vertical applications, ideal for rear-ventilated facades, facade claddings, balcony claddings, partitions, railings, fences, attic claddings, ceilings, public facilities, playgrounds and sports facilities.

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CLADS Interior

Interior grade compact laminates used for beautifying interiors, they are resistant to impact, abrasion and termites. Products suited for vertical applications and ideal for living rooms, corporate interiors, feature walls, luxury bathrooms, hotel lobbies and airport lounges.

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