Decorative Veneers

Wood is the most traditional and the most dynamic material for décor. Decowood Veneers, made from wood from around the globe, are today defining décor trends in india and beyond. Experience the most elegant and most pure form of nature in a large range of veneers in a variety of shades and finishes.

The Luxurious Collection

Natural Collection

A vast array of creative to create a unique natural look in any project. The intricate grain, rich colours, warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wood veneer, is unsurpassed by any other natural material.

Teak Collection

Teak is a symbol of luxury and elegance. No other wood compares to it in its durability, stability and low maintenance. A comprehensive range that displays golden brown lusture, beautiful grains and everlasting appeal of the best in teak.

Engineered Veneer Collection

An innovative approach to real wood veneers that expertly reconstitutes and reproduces nature’s most exquisite grain patterns. Engineered through a patented process, it creates consistent designs on a large scale interior application. Eco-friendly, high Quality and with the ability to match natural patterns, our Engineered veneers are crafted from the best Species of wood.

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