Engineered Wooden Flooring


Greenlam has always taken pride in Design, Innovation & Quality. We present Mikasa, a collection inspired by nature. Each piece of wood is infused with sheer luxury and crafted using the latest technology making your floors, a cut above the rest.

Mikasa is a delightful amalgamation of nature’s beauty and engineering brilliance. It’s engineered to enhance real wood with the latest technological innovations to do away with the natural shortcomings of any specific wood. With a wide variety of inspiring design options with Mikasa, you are always assured of finding a floor that would impart a unique character to your home.

  • Wood. As natural as it can get. Mikasa is nothing but real wood.

  • Spoilt for choice. The largest variety of décors to choose from.

  • Engineered to provide stability in any climatic condition.

  • Mikasa floors are very easy to install, remove and reinstall.

  • Being pre-lacquered, they have a strong surface which lasts for years.

  • Never far from Mikasa - The widest network of sales and service outlets.

  • Fully supported by Warranties of up to 30 years.

For more details, visit Mikasa Floors website