Restroom Cubicles & Lockers Solutions

Long-lasting, hygienic and easy to maintain cubicles and lockers solutions with a ten-year warranty!


Greenlam’s Sturdo is an incredible assortment of restroom products, comprising of aesthetically designed Restroom Cubicles, specially adapted Hand Holds for physically disabled and impressive Privy Divider Panels which are extensively used for commercial applications and in public areas. It also includes locker solutions which opens up a new generation of locker rooms. A world of ultra-modern and exceptionally smart storage solutions made using Greenlam Compact laminates. Engineered under indigenous technology, Greenlam Sturdo performs exceptionally even in heavy traffic areas, under high moisture and high humid conditions. Its unique product composition makes it suitable for Indian climate conditions where toughness, performance and strong visual appeal become essential.

Application Possibilities

  • schoolSchool
  • hotelhotels &
  • kitchenKitchens
  • hospitalHospitals
  • spaspa facilities
  • gymgymnasiums
  • sportsports clubs
  • officeOffices