Transforming spaces. Enriching lives.

Our Core Values

To be practiced in the context of all stakeholders including employees, investors, bankers, channel partners, vendors & suppliers, the state, society at large and the environment.



Trust people to be reliable and responsible and earn their trust similarly.

Our dealings as an organisation with the environment including individual employees, vendors, business partners, investors, customers and society at large would be in a premise of good faith. We would trust others and strive to earn the trust of others. We would thereby not deal with anybody who breaches our trust or the trust placed on us by our environment. We empower our employees by placing trust in them to take decisions in the best interest of the organization and as per promulgated norms.

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Speed and Agility


We are quick to decide, respond and execute.

We value decisions being made without undue procrastination and being implemented within the shortest possible time because we value this as a source of competitive advantage. Individuals will therefore be held accountable wherever any delays are attributable to them either in the decision making or implementation process. Similarly we shall respond to the market proactively rather than reacting when situation reaches a point where inaction becomes unaffordable.

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We value performance across products, people and processes.

Performance is valued as the core ingredient for sustainability and would therefore be the underlying metric for selecting people, products or processes for the organization. Other values would be additional to performance. Performance would mean delivering on commitment in every parameter. It would also entail effort and a continuing endeavour to improve the status quo in order to achieve excellence.

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Team work


We achieve more by collaboration with all stakeholders – internal and external.

Given the inter linkage of output of others with our performance, we nurture a sense of collective destiny with our environment. Internally, if a peer fails, the team cannot succeed and individual success means little in a failed team. Also, our customers, partners and investors need to succeed. Therefore, organisational goals precede departmental goals. Also, dealers, distributors and vendors are our partners.

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We encourage learning; creating and nurturing talent.

Our Organization facilitates the learning of our employees and continuously transforms itself. We also support formal learning through structured programs to empower people outperforming their individual potential.

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Director & CEO

Dear friends,

The world is a beautiful place and at Greenlam Industries, our endeavour is to keep enhancing this beauty. Greenlam Industries has consciously selected to create a distinctive identity through the introduction of refreshingly different designs that light up interiors and enhance customer pride.

We have invested in business sustainability and continuity, vindicated by our responsible manufacturing practices.

We recognize that complexity of a challenging marketplace could not be competently addressed by a handful of individuals.

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