The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing Restroom Cubicles

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When it comes to designing a public restroom, the choice of cubicles plays a critical role. From ensuring privacy to promoting cleanliness and accessibility, various factors go into the selection of the right restroom cubicle. Keeping that in mind, in this comprehensive guide, we present the ultimate checklist to help you choose the restroom cubicles that align with your specific needs and create a positive restroom experience for the users.


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Safety and Hygiene

Fixtures like urinal partitions, restroom cubicles, and door handles are prone to frequent touch, and as a result they become hotspots for the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Since it is practically impossible to disinfect them after every single use, installing restroom solutions with antimicrobial properties can help curb the growth of disease causing pathogens. Greenlam’s restroom solutions, for instance, come with HPL sheets that offer protection from diseases causing pathogens, making them an ideal choice for public restrooms.



Public restroom cubicles are subject to high wear and tear due to the frequent foot traffic and heavy usage on a daily basis. It is, therefore, imperative to choose durable cubicles that can withstand this demanding environment without compromising their structural integrity and appearance. We, therefore, recommend installing restroom cubicles with High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets as they offer high resistance to moisture, humidity, and impacts, which are the common causes of deterioration in cubicles.



Size is a critical factor to consider when choosing a restroom cubicle as it directly impacts the comfort and accessibility of users. Restroom cubicles that are too small can create a cramped and uncomfortable experience for users, while those that are too large may lead to inefficient space utilisation. Striking the right balance in size is, therefore, essential to ensure a pleasant and functional restroom environment.



Providing a high level of privacy is paramount to make restroom users feel secure and at ease during their visit. Thoughtful design elements, such as partitions with optimal gaps, properly fitting doors, and reliable locks can help create a secluded environment that promotes user comfort and confidence.



Restroom cubicles should be accessible to all users, including those with mobility challenges. By installing cubicles with features like spacious interiors, appropriate handrails, and easy-to-use door mechanisms, one can ensure that everyone can use the cubicles comfortably and independently.


Air Flow

Proper air circulation within the restroom cubicles is essential for a fresh and pleasant environment. Ensure the cubicles have well-placed vents or openings to facilitate efficient airflow, preventing odours and stuffiness. Ensuring proper ventilation also contributes to improved hygiene by reducing the risk of mould or mildew formation.



The visual appeal of restroom cubicles can significantly impact the overall ambiance of the restroom space. So when choosing a cubicle design, consider thoughtful selection of materials, colours, and finishes that align with the overall restroom aesthetics. This will help ensure that the cubicles not only fulfil functional purpose but also contribute to a visually pleasing and inviting restroom environment for users.


Ease of Maintenance

Restroom cubicles should be designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Using durable and easy-to-clean materials, as well as incorporating smart design elements that reduce clutter and facilitate cleaning, ensures that the cubicles remain well-maintained with minimal effort.


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An increasing focus on eco-friendly practices has made sustainability a significant factor in cubicle selection. Consider environmentally friendly options, such as cubicles made from recycled materials or those with energy-saving features.At Greenlam, we are committed to creating eco-friendly and sustainable toilet cubicle partition solutions for diverse industries. A testament to our commitment is the prestigious GREENGUARD certificate, which recognizes and honours our dedicated efforts towards promoting eco-conscious practices.


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